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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. March 11, 2020: As the number of deaths from COVID-19 reached a whopping 4,295 globally, the number of confirmed cases from the virus in Latin America has surpassed 130 while two deaths have been reported.

As of last night, the region’s new total reached 134 with Brazil confirming the most of any country in Latin America – 34.

Argentina now has the second highest cases in the region with 19 accounts for one of the 4,295deaths globally – a 64-year old man who had traveled to France.

Chile has the third highest cases in the region with 17 while Ecuador has the fourth highest with 15.

Costa Rica has reported 13 confirmed cases Peru has 11 and Panama 8. Panama has also reported one death.

Mexico has reported 7 cases so far while there are 5 in Paraguay, 3 in Colombia and 2 in Bolivia, which became the latest country in Latin America to report confirmed cases Tuesday.

Globally, there are now 119,176 confirmed cases of the virus with China accounting for the most at 80,778 cases.

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