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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Jan. 18, 2022: Visiting Latin America is every avid traveler’s dream. Everything from the people to the food is deeply dipped in rich culture. If you talk to fellow travelers that have been to the area, you will hear them tell you that it’s one of the greatest places on earth; nowhere compares when it comes to diverse culture. If you are a traveler who enjoys playing games at the casino, you can look forward to an extra special treat because there are plenty of choices to keep you occupied. Most of these casinos have hotels and resorts attached to them, which means you can use them as a base while exploring the surrounding areas. Below, you will find six of our favorite casinos in Latin America.

Ocean Sun Casino, Panama

Say goodbye to Trump Towers and make way for the Ocean Sun Casino. Luxury, style, and comfort are no strangers at this venue owned by the J W Marriott Group. Located within an impressive 70-storey building that offers picturesque views of the Panama Bay, this casino takes up three floors. Step inside and you will find over 600 machines and almost 40 table games. If you win big or you have simply got cash to flash, why not book a room in their presidential suite? For those of you not so lucky, make sure you head to the sports bar and catch up on all the day’s results. If you want to place any bets, this is also facilitated here.

Crowne Plaza Maruma Hotel & Casino, Venezuela

Once you have finished off in Panama, hop on a flight to Venezuela and visit the Crowne Plaza Maruma for a stay to remember. While on your travels, you can keep in touch with your favourite casino games by visiting one of the many sites through OnlineCasinos. At OnlineCasinos, you will find an extensive list of 100% licensed and regulated casinos, which ensures your money and information will be kept safe. 

Despite being the butt of the Parks and Recreation jail system joke, Venezuela’s gambling policies are extremely strict. Located in Maracaibo, this port-side town casino and hotel competes well with other Latin American casinos. If you’ve ever been to a Crowne property, you will know that they’re renowned for their stylish interior and modern amenities including bars, restaurants, swimming pools, and gyms. However, if you visit the casino, you will find a darker environment. Nevertheless, it ticks all the boxes with plenty of slots, roulette, poker, and blackjack.

Sun Monticello, Chile

Next on up on a Latin American tour, we arrive in Chile and pay a visit to Sun Monticello. Before the 2009 rebrand that saw Jennifer Lopez take to the stage, this venue was known as Monticello Grand Casino and Entertainment. Since the change, this venue has advanced dramatically and boasts entertainment to cater to all ages. With a 5-star hotel attached, you can rest assured that you’ll be enjoying gourmet restaurants and exclusive perks. Thanks to an enormous auditorium, this venue is able to put on shows to audiences of up to 1800 people.

Step inside the casino, and you will find the usual suspects, including table games like Punto Banco, slot machines, and other standard casino games. If you have the opportunity to visit on bingo night, you are in for a game like you have never experienced.

City Centre Rosario, Argentina

Our last country on this Latin America casino tour is Argentina, which accounts for three of our six casinos. First up we have City Centre Rosario, aptly located in the city of Rosario. This luxury venue is one of the largest in the entire Latin American region and includes VIP rooms, poker rooms, gaming tables, and over 3000 slot machines. As well as the casino, this hotel has plenty of eateries, busy entertainment at the arena, and a relaxing spa facility. Any casino fan visiting Latin America will feel at home at the City Centre Rosario.

Casino Iguazu, Argentina

If beauty spots are on your Latin America itinerary, you will love visiting the Casino Iguazu. Set within the namesake Iguazu Falls, which is the most extensive falls system in the world, this venue will easily satisfy your needs. This casino venue has been operating for around three decades and has plenty of gaming tables, including craps, blackjack, and roulette. As well as this, you will find a separate poker room that holds many elite tournaments.

Stepping outside of this luxurious casino, you can enjoy stunning views across the Iguaza River. If you want to check out some of the largest Latin American names, you should check out their packed-out schedule.

Trilenium, Argentina

Found in Buenos Aires, the Trilenium Casino is arguably the most famous in South America. Visitors to this casino, which gains its status from its environment, speak of having an excellent time. Being one of the largest casinos in the region, you will never be short of games to play. You will find three enormous floors full of gambling fun, including almost 2000 slots. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the casino scene, this impressive venue should not be missed.

When you are looking for this casino, which can be reached via coastal train, you will be looking for a non-descript building. The only tell that you are near the casino is subtle signage. Inside, the lower two floors are full of digital slot machines. When you reach the top, you can enjoy all the usual casino table games.

Latin America is steeped in rich culture and should be on every traveller’s wish list. If you are a casino lover as well, you will find enough choices to cater to any needs. Aim for relaxation, beauty spots, stunning beaches, sleek living, and exquisite food, and you won’t be far off from the experiences you will find. Whether you visit one country or turn your trip into a trek, there will always be a casino nearby. Enjoy your trip!

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