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News Americas, RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Mon. May 11, 2020: The death toll in on Latin America country surpassed 11,000 Sunday even as the number of confirmed cases past the 162,000 mark.

Brazil added 6,638 new cases Sunday alone to takes it total tally to 162,699 even as it reported 467 new deaths to take its death toll to 11,123.

The news comes as Reuters reported that the Brazil’s Supreme Court overturned rules that limit gay and bisexual men from donating blood. After almost four years in court, seven of 11 Supreme Court justices voted on Friday in favor of overthrowing guidelines that barred men who had sex with other men from giving blood for 12 months, ending any waiting time.

The Supreme Court said the ban was unconstitutional as it imposed restrictions on gay and bisexual men, backing Supreme Court Minister Edson Fachin who argued this offended the basic human dignity of gay and bisexual men.

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