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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. April 22, 2020: Several Latin American countries saw no new confirmed coronavirus cases Tuesday, even as the region’s total past 101,000.

While Brazil continued to uptick adding 71 cases Tuesday to reach 40,814, it was also some good news for the South American nation which has become the epicenter in the region for the virus.

The country also reported only 1 death Tuesday, to take its death toll up to 2,588.

But elsewhere, there was a somewhat of a sigh of relief as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Paraguay reported no new cases or deaths yesterday.

Sadly, however, the uptick continued in Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Bolivia, Panama, Honduras and Uruguay.

Chile added 325 new cases Tuesday to reach 10,832 in total as the number of deaths there jumped by 8 to 147.

Mexico added 511 new cases to reach 8,772 as its death toll jumped by 26 to 712. Panama reached 4,658 cases after adding 191 new cases Tuesday while its death total increased by 10, to 136.

Bolivia now has 598 cases, up by 34 yesterday while the number of the dead there increased by 1 to 34. Meanwhile, Honduras saw its case load increase by 17 to 494, while Guatemala increase by 5 to reach 294 confirmed cases to date.

Uruguay saw the least increase yesterday, adding only 1 new death to reach 11 deaths in total from the virus.

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