Top 5 Nonprofits in Mexico You Should Consider Donating To


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Aug. 3, 2021: In a world where people are constantly trying to raise their standard of living, it is important that we help the underprivileged too. Donating to non-profit organizations (NPOs) is a noble way of contributing to society.

If you’re wondering how to donate money to NPOs, try contacting the organization through these online fundraising platforms. Here are the top five Mexican NPOs you could pick to donate to.

1. National Crusade against Hunger (CNCH)

Established in 2013 by the Mexican government, the main purpose of this organization is to reduce hunger and poverty in Mexico. CNCH aims to improve the general socio-economic status of those by developing infrastructure.

The five main aims of this NPO are:

  • Eradicate malnutrition in children
  • Eliminate hunger in impoverished communities
  • Decreases losses suffered after harvesting foodcrop
  • Increase food production
  • Promote community participation


Aimed at empowering rural and indigenous Mexicans, PSYDEH trains them to be self-dependent in today’s modern world. It also helps them ensure the sustainable development of their marginalized communities. PSYDEH uses three strategies to ensure the success of its mission:

  • Conducting workshops to educate people on the judicial process in the country
  • Improving their day-to-day human security
  • Holding workshops to increase the people’s resilience


One of the more successful NPOs in the country, UNETE aims to improve the quality of education in Mexico. It also works towards equity in the field of education through the integration of technology and teaching children how to use it.

UNETE’s expansive work has benefitted 9,472 schools, 2,770,992 children, and roughly 50% of Mexico’s municipalities. The organization also works towards improving school teachers’ digital skills.

4. Mexican Institute for Family and Population Research

Commonly known as IMIFAP, this NPO’s central mission is to improve the lives of marginalized Mexican communities by developing their life skills and knowledge. The organization addresses a wide variety of issues, including health, education, economics, and citizenship.

Their motto is ‘Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo’, roughly translating to ‘I want, I can”. With six national-level programs, IMIFAP has benefitted over 20 million people through its multiple schemes.

5. Fundación Proacceso

Fundación Proacceso is an NPO that uses technology to improve the living conditions of the disadvantaged in Mexico. It aims to encourage the use of computers to promote employment. The organization’s main project seeks to provide its users with enough technical knowledge to be self-dependent.