5 Luxurious Lodges & Hotels In Latin America

The Vines Resort and Spa, Mendoza, Argentina is among five top luxe. lodges and resorts in Latin America.
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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. May 5, 2021: Traveling is fun, an important part of life, and significant for survival even in the pandemic.

Traveling always rewards us with several benefits, no matter if it is done either for a business purpose or for a healthful impact. Human beings are born with intense curiosity and this causes them to explore countless world wonders. The instinct of exploration is never dormant, and they organize travel adventures to gain tremendous benefits of traveling.

Human beings also love Mother Nature and want to spend some time in the company of nature to relieve stress, health and wellness, explore new places and learn new cultures. Traveling is a greater opportunity to stay calm, free the mind, listen to the inner voice, and put the body to rest. Those who want to get free from their responsibilities, change the scenery, and rejuvenate their spirit, the snow-capped mountains of Latin America are the best choice for them.

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Currently, international travel is discouraged, due to the Covid-19 outbreak but here’s a spectacular region for a future trip when the pandemic is over.

Why Is Latin America The Top Choice Of Tourists?

Latin America is a wonderland of stunning rainforests, snow-capped mountains, and arid deserts, featured with awe-inspiring and astonishing wildlife. Its luxurious hotels and lodges present a welcome contrast to their often unfriendly surrounding. However, the hotels are luxuriously equipped with the latest technology, and adorned with amazingly cozy beds, area rugs, lighting, flooring, drapes, and ceiling.

Latin America’s lodgings are no less than lux spas, expert-led excursions, gourmet dining and ultra-contemporary designs. They are matchless to make your holiday as adventurous and restful as you aspire. Whether you want to view breathtaking new sights, sunbathe on the Caribbean coast, explore some of the largest cities of South America or spot rare native species on a jungle expedition, the following five Latin America luxury lodges are the ideal bases to realize a memorable trip.

Botanical Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Nature lovers are mad for this holiday spot. They mark their calendars to approach his idyllic resort in their upcoming travel plans. Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula is a globally famous lush green region packed with a high degree of biodiversity. The outdoor enthusiasts enjoy here a wide array of activities, ranging from forest exploration to find rare Primates to mangrove Kayaking excursions. The place also offers a peerless relaxing ambiance. After experiencing the pleasant deep-sea fishing or the long day of adventurous hiking, the visitors love to unwind at the property’s lagoon-style pool with a cocktail in hand. The guests also head up for Central American avian life at the hotel’s hummingbird garden!

Susurrus del Corazon, Mexico

Those who dream to make a luxury experience in a natural climate, Susurrus Del Corazon is their prime choice, a luxury spot debuting in the current year (once the pandemic has goodbye), situated on Mexico’s well-known Riviera Nayarit.

The sprinkling resort consists of 30 beach front apartments and 59 soothing suites supplied with four wonderful bars and restaurants, floor-to-ceiling windows, three pools, and a spa. The tourists must spare their precious time to stay in the company of striking natural beauty that the region offers. Other than the dazzling Pacific coast and the vigorous jungles, teemed with strange wildlife, the region is packed with plenty of nearby destinations perfect for hiking, surfing, paddle boarding and immersing in the fascinating beauty of the Bay of Banderas.

Mashpee Lodge Ecuador

This luxury space is a hotel cum research station; the tourists preferably arrange a trip to view the highlights of Ecuador. The gorgeous minimalist rooms are built recycled steel and wood gracefully looking out over the misty forest from the king-size wraparound windows – some looking like a standard tub that you will love to head out and stare. Situated in the center of the rich biodiverse area, you will feel pleasure in performing the activities like walking among vigorous waterfalls and spotting peculiar birds. You will be amazed at picking the brains of the expert naturalists and contributing to the area’s preservation. You may finish a night in the jungle in a night walk, watching the trees – alive nocturnal creatures. On your return the surprising glass- fronted room is waiting with a fabulous array of Argentinean or Chilean wine!

Belmond Rio Sagrado, Sacred Valley, Peru

Another spectacular hotel in South America that is always on the tourists’ bucket list is Belmond Rio Sagrado packed with legendary landscapes and iconic historic sites. It’s a Sacred Valley Gem that caters to Peru a quintessential style and tradition that any vacationist can expect from Belmond. The Delightful activities most commonly carried out here are cycling, yoga, sacred offering ceremonies, and horseback riding. For relaxation, the travelers love heated pools, outdoor or indoor Jacuzzis, and spa treatment rooms – a fabulous zone to calm down after a busy day of strolling around the soothing garden surrounds!

The Vines Resort and Spa, Mendoza, Argentina

This phenomenal resort is the epicureans’ top choice, with local malbec sipped at the restaurant, where a celebrity chef serves up open-flame asado barbecues, from an open kitchen – the nine hour – grilled rib-eye steaks, a peculiar favorite. The designer villas offer plunge pools, outdoor hot tubs, and rooftop terraces. Never miss the spa pools looking over the onsite vineyard.

By day, enjoy walking on the tracks that snake through vineyard rows and gardens with sampling vine flavors. There’s also a cherished opportunity to head out on fly-fishing, hiking, or horseback riding accompanied with a gaucho cowboy who will amuse you by telling the stories of local area. The tourists never forget a wonderful sunset scene standing at a pool, a hot tub, or a spa with cocktails and snacks in hand!

After visiting the dazzling spots around the designer resort, the cozy fireplaces, plush furnishings and oversized decks of your villa are waiting for you to squeeze your fatigue and relax your nerves!