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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Tues. Nov. 1, 2022: When it comes to carnivals, we all know that Latin America rules – and they have proven this time and time again! Latin America is said to be one of the most multi-ethnic and culturally diverse regions, and this is evidenced by the many carnival celebrations there. But the big question is, which carnivals are the best and brightest? If you want to have a truly memorable and exciting time, these are the carnivals to visit. Here is your ultimate list of the most popular carnivals in Latin America:

The Carnaval: Its Origins And History

The carnival – or more appropriately, Carnaval in Portuguese and Spanish, is a religious occasion marked by four days of celebrations – typically from Saturday all the way to Tuesday. It is held in February (before Lent) and it is seen in almost every country in South America, such as Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Uruguay, and every country celebrates it with a lot – and we mean a lot! – of dancing, energy, and music.

The Most Popular

  • The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Many people would most certainly agree – if there is only one Carnaval event that you can go to, the best Carnaval event is in none other than Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It is the Carnaval to end all Carnavals, and if you’re looking for the ultimate Carnaval, this is it. It is, after all, the most exciting event in the country (and the entire region), and it draws more than 2 million people from all around the globe every year.

In Rio, parties abound – you can find everyone partying, on the streets, in the clubs, on the beaches, and more. And the grand finale is the Parade, with over 200 schools of Samba competing for the prize. If you want to party like never before and have your very own Carnaval at home, you can do so with help from funfair stall for hire specialists like We Are Tricycle.

  • The Festival of the Sun in Peru

The Festival of the Sun, or Inti Raymi, in Peru, is another exciting celebration to watch out for. It happens every 24th of June, and it is held in Cuzco. The city is filled with processions that are accompanied by music, flowers, and dancing, and everyone is celebrating in style. For the Incas, the Sun was the highest god, and the Incas sacrificed animals to him – although this is no longer practised, the festival ends with a ‘fake’ sacrifice on top of a hill called Sacsayhuaman – and there are a whole lot of dances, processions, and street parties held all over Cuzco in the final week of June.

  • The Day of the Dead in Mexico

Another very popular event is the Day of the Dead in Mexico, which was even made into a Disney movie! This ever-popular fiesta takes place on the first and second day of November, celebrating two occasions – All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, which honours those who passed away as children and those who passed away as adults, respectively.

Just like all Carnaval events, the Day of the Dead is a day of celebrations, and despite its morbid name, it is an event that is both vibrant and happy – and you will never find a more colourful (and unique!) celebration in South America.

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