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News Americas, CARACAS, Venezuela, Sat. July 2, 2011: Cancer-battling Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is receiving the support of several leaders from across Latin America.

“The government of Mexico expresses its best wishes for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez for a quick and complete recovery,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement after Chavez admitted in a first televised address in three weeks Thursday evening that a cancerous tumor had been successfully removed in a second surgery after Cuban doctors excised a pelvic abscess in a June 10th operation.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff sent a personal message stating: “You have enough courage, President Chavez, and you can be sure that you have the solidarity of all your friends” while Peruvian President Alan Garcia expressed “deepest respect” for Chavez.

Leaders of Argentina, Ecuador and Nicaragua also sent similar messages.

It remains unclear how long the 56-year-old Venezuelan leader would remain in Cuba for recovery and whether he would be able to run again for the presidency in 2012.

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