Lightning Bolt Strikes Again, Bringing Gatlin To Tears

Usain Bolt strikes a pose after claiming the historic win in the 100-m at IAAF 2015 in Beijing.
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Usain Bolt strikes a pose after claiming the historic win in the 100-m at IAAF 2015 in Beijing.

News Americas, BEIJING, China, Mon. Aug. 24, 2015: Despite naysayers including Caribbean-born NBC host, Ato Bolden, a bolt of lightning returned to the Birds Nest in Beijing on Sunday, striking down the US’ Justin Gatlin at the IAAF 2015 World Championships and bringing him to tears.

Usain Bolt trounces American Justin Gatlin in Beijing on Aug. 23, 2015.

Usain St. Leo Bolt returned to Beijing with a purpose – to reclaim the medals he secured at the 2008 Olympics and make history again. Gatlin came with one goal – to beat the Jamaican Olympian and world’s fastest man.

On Sunday while many Doubting Thomas’ emerged, Bolt proved them all wrong – making an Olympic sized statement on the tracks of the Bird’s Nest to retain his title and make history again.

Bolt, 29, did just what he said he would do – win!

Bolt retains his gold medal at Beijing 2015.

Gatlin had looked unbeatable in running 9.77secs in his own semi-final, but starting out in lane seven – US team-mate Tyson Gay between him and Bolt in five – he was the slowest of the main contenders from the block.

And Bolt’s dominance left Gatlin in tears after the event during an interview with NBC as the man from Trelawney, Jamaica took the win in 9.79 seconds, more than two tenths off his world record.

“My coach said, ‘You’ll have to run 100 meters if you’re going to win the race,'” Bolt said after capturing his record ninth career gold medal at world championships. “So I ran 100 meters.”

The win thrilled many in the stadium and on Twitter and many non-Jamaicans as well including former CNN host Pierce Morgan as Bolt struck his famous ‘Lightning Bolt’ pose.

“BOOM!, BOOM! BOOM! BOLT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #100m,” Morgan tweeted after just moments before urging Bolt to “beat the cheat.”

After the win, Morgan turned Jamaican for a moment, tweeting in patois above a picture of him and Bolt: “Slap weh @usainbolt –  a suh wi dweet.”

This as eight-time world champion Michael Johnson commented: “Usain Bolt was challenged here more than he has been at any time during his career. Put on top of that the burden of ‘saving the sport’ which was placed on his shoulders, it means that the pressure was there. I have to give him so much credit for that performance.”

Bolt who now equals the record of Carl Lewis and Maurice Greene with a third 100m world title for his part tweeted after the race: “Way up I feel blessed … Team Bolt all day everyday.. Thanks for all the support and love.”

Blessed indeed and defying the naysayers were nothing but an added blessing.

Now it’s on to the next big race, as Bolt will likely face Gatlin again on Thursday in the 200-meter final — the race Bolt has always called his favorite.

Gatlin for his part, responding to the obvious tears shed after the race took to twitter to post: “Fools saying I was crying once I got off the track. LMBO! Crying? Bitch please. I had something in my eye.”