Maison Lejaby presents Pièces Uniques line for 130th anniversary

One of the looks from the Pièces Uniques line by Maison Lejaby.As part of its 130th anniversary celebration, which included a show at the Lido in Paris in May, the famous lingerie and corset brand is introducing its new Pièces Uniques line, which consists of exceptional items custom made to order. A symbol of excellence and renewal at Maison Lejaby, the Pièces Uniques line fits into the brand’s spirit of French couture with its bespoke pieces made by hand, some of which require up to 250 hours of work. With a refined and glamorous style, the collection is made of high-end materials in a spirit of haute couture. The centerpiece of this Pièces Uniques line is a bridal bodysuit made of lace with Swarovski crystals and beads.