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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, FRI. July 31, 2020: Here are the marijuana headlines making news globally and in the Caribbean and Latin America for today, Friday July 31, 2020:

Grammy-nominated rap duo Run the Jewels (RTJ) has entered the cannabis industry through a partnership with LEMONNADE, an offshoot of the cannabis lifestyle brand COOKIES.

The Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) platform committee this week wimped out of an amendment calling on the party to support marijuana legalization as an official 2020 policy plank.

The number of people working in the U.S. cannabis industry is expected to jump to 240,000-295,000 by the end of 2020, slightly higher than the number of computer programmers employed in the United States, says Marijuana Business Factbook.

The government of Dominica this week said it would “forge ahead’ with plans to decriminalise marijuana and develop a New revenue stream Of foreign exchange earnings.

The world’s first clinical trial testing the potential for cannabidiol (CBD) to treat cannabis addiction suggest daily use of medical-grade CBD is both safe and effective.

The US Navy has expanded its CBD and hemp ban for sailors and marines to cover topical products like shampoos and soaps.

Maryland’s highest court this week issued another ruling that limits the ability of police to cite marijuana as a reason to arrest and search people, saying officers may not arrest people based on the smell of marijuana alone.

Looking for a CBD Coffee Fix?Three of the best CBD infused coffees on the market today are Green Roads CBD, Flower Power and Diamond CBD’s Chill.

It has not been a good week for Pot Stocks but three to look for this week are: Medical Marijuana Inc, (MJNA), Horizns Marijuna LF CLA UNT ETF, (HMLSF) and Cannabis Sativa Inc., (CBDS)

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