5 Reasons To Opt For Sticker Marketing For Better Brand Awareness


News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Weds. July 22, 2020: Have you ever considered the role of stickers from a marketing perspective?

If not, then you might just want to keep reading on as stickers can be a class-leading marketing asset, capable of impacting the ROI and brand identity, in the best possible way.

While you can always purchase custom stickers online, there are endless advertising and marketing possibilities to look at, provided you get the selection and budget right.

Here are the top 5 reasons why sticker marketing has lately emerged as a potent marketing tool:

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions

Unlike banners and hoardings, stickers are more cost-effective and hardly impact the budget considerations of a company. Most online and offline stores printing custom stickers charge nominal rates, regardless of the quality and content. Moreover, as compared to advertising via print and digital media, these cost-effective stickers are much more potent as they usually remain at the line of sight, courtesy of the color choices and the attractive layout.

  1. Unconventionality

Stickers are unconventional when considered as a marketing resource. Therefore, sticker marketing, if and when initiated by a business, will surely make a few eyeballs roll. However, with several companies contemplating this form of advertising, early adopters will reap the most benefits.

  1. Customizability

Ordering and purchasing custom stickers online saves you the hassle of picking up the prints from a local store. Along with this flexibility, offered by some of the leading online sticker printing solutions, it is the customizability that makes all the difference. Unlike posters that often come in a restricted set of sizes and shapes, stickers can be molded as per preferences. As they are mostly printed in bulk, on rolled sheets, there are no size and quantity-centric bottlenecks to account for.

  1. Supports Seamless Integrations

For a business that is looking for effective branding solutions, stickers are excellent choices. Company-centric stickers can be easily integrated with souvenirs, pads, books, caps, and even certain forms of product packaging. When it comes to the preferences, Die-Cut stickers have the most impact.

  1. Lasting Impression

A sticker is mostly a portable message that comes home with the customer. As long as they stick to the surface, the message, or rather the impression, is expected to last.

Sticker marketing is a creative step towards a more resourceful future where businesses will opt for cost-cutting to minimize the effects of the crisis while growing incrementally.