Miss Curacao and Miss USVI were among the other contestants treated to a fun-filled day at one of Sanya’s premier shopping centers, where they were finally able to indulge in any girls’ favourite hobby – Shopping!

By NAN ET Writer

News Americas, SANYA, China, Thurs. Dec. 3, 2015: The countdown has begun to the 65th edition of the Miss World pageant which takes place in Sanya, China on December 19th. Over 110 contestants from around the world are competing for the title of Miss World including 15 from the Caribbean.

They are as follows:


Miss Aruba

Nicole Van Tellingen represents Aruba but was born in the Netherlands and moved there at age 10. She is in college presently but works as a business manager for an IT company. A lover of music, this 20-year-old dances the meringue and salsa, and is currently taking piano lessons. She loves to read detective novels and her favorite foods include seafood, pasta dishes and a local beef soup dish.


Miss Bahamas

Chantel O’Brian, 21, lives in Nassau and is a marketing student who wants to one day head up her own marketing department. She is passionate about music and began singing as a young girl in her church choir and continues to this day, whilst also enjoying dancing to others music. Chantel also enjoys listening to poetry and spoken word recitals. In her spare time she likes to play basketball, her most read genre of books are mystery novels, and her favourite food dish is chicken fettuccine.


Miss Belize

Jasmin Jael Rhamdas, 19, lives in Belmopan City, Belize and is currently a criminal justice student. She hopes to pursue a career as a criminal investigator once she graduates. In her spare time she likes to play sports, especially football and volleyball, and also enjoys singing, dancing and reading. Her favorite food is Belize’s traditional Panades, a fish and corn pastry.


Miss Bermuda

Alyssa Mary-Vivian Rose was born and raised on the island of Bermuda but is currently studying marketing & brand design in the UK. This 23-year-old hopes to open her own marketing agency in the future. Dancing has been central to Alyssa’s life, having trained in many disciplines. She was the Vice President of her University Dance Society, and was even selected to dance with Catherine Zeta Jones at her annual gala back in 2009. Her favorite dish is locally caught rockfish with an almond and banana crust.


Miss British Virgin Islands

Sasha Wintz’s life is all about music. She is a music student who is aspiring to become an international performing artist. She rose to prominence during the ‘Follow The Movement’ (FTM) Who’s Next competition and also performed at the BET Music Matters Showcase 2014 concert. During her downtime this 18-year-old likes to read, and she loves to travel, and her favorite food dish is Chicken Alfredo.


Miss Curaçao

Alexandra Krijger loves adventures, delighting in travelling to new places and witnessing new sights. She is an economics graduate with future ambitions of studying for a master’s degree, before taking over the family business and bringing it to an international audience. Highly active, this 18-year-old has performed ballet for much of her life, and she also enjoys soccer, volleyball and wakeboarding. She loves Mediterranean cuisine.


Miss Dominican Republic

Cinthya Maria Núñez was born and raised in the capital city Santo Domingo and is a final year advertisement student who hopes to branch off into PR once she graduates. This 23-year-old enjoys playing tennis, going swimming, riding horses and fishing. She is a skilled Latin dancer, knowledgeable in meringue, salsa and jazz, and she prefers romantic and instrumental music. When it comes to food, Cinthya likes pastas and meat dishes.


Miss Guadeloupe

Arlène Tacite was born and raised in Guadeloupe and is working her way up the ladder to one day achieve her goal of starting an architecture firm. Currently a management assistant, she is building her experience and knowledge. This 23-year-old is a keen dancer, skilled in a variety of disciplines, from traditional Caribbean to contemporary Hip Hop. She is also a ‘Moko Jumbie’ stilt walker during festivals and carnivals in Guadeloupe. In her spare time Arlène likes to play the piano.


Miss Guyana

Lisa Punch lives for music. Born and raised in Georgetown, Lisa followed her dreams to the USA at the age of 21, where she gained exposure on talent show Rising Stars. Now working on her first album, she can’t wait to share it with the world and break into the mainstream. Multi-talented, this 23-year-old is currently studying Performing Arts at University and recently auditioned for a role in a production of the Wizard of Oz.


Miss Haiti

Seydina Allen is a law student living in Port Au Prince.She aspires to a career as a lawyer, a role model in her nation and even to open her own NGO in the future. Aside from her studies, this 21-year-old has had a few roles working in entertainment, appearing in music videos and acting role on TV. When it comes to music, Seydina prefers Zouk and Calypso and her favorite dish is rice and lalo, a traditional Haitian meal.


Miss Jamaica

Sanneta Myrie grew up in the rural parishes of her homeland, Jamaica. Now a fully qualified medical doctor, she is committed to helping others, and is passionate about the work she does, with aspirations of joining “Doctors without Borders.’ Aside from her duties, this 24-year-old loves the Jamaican lifestyle, embracing all facets of its culture, from the iconic reggae music, to the fresh fish cuisine found in abundance.


Miss Puerto Rico

Keysi Vargas Vélez describes herself as ‘determined, helpful and positive.’ A student, she has ambitions of a career in the entertainment industry, specifically as an events promoter and booker. Currently studying marketing, she hopes to masters in public relations before starting her own company and making a name for herself. When relaxing, this 24-year-old likes to spend time at the beach, to play basketball, and to volunteer at CAP, a local foundation caring for child cancer sufferers.


Miss St. Kitts & Nevis

Jackiema Flemming was born and raised in Sandy Point on St Kitts Island. She currently works at a bank and is saving up for her future in which she has dual aspirations to either train to become an attorney, or study to be a dietician. Aside from her career plans, this 21-year-old likes to play table tennis, to model, and to sing. Her favorite dish is rice with baked ribs.


Miss Trinidad & Tobago

Kimberly Farrah Singh resides in the central town of Tabaquite and is a paralegal student with the ambition of becoming Attorney General one day. This 21-year-old loves to be creative, enjoying handicrafts, cooking and learning about new ideas and cultures. She regularly sings at her local church, and she often helps out with her local charities. Her favorite dish is Pelau, a local delicacy.


Miss U.S. Virgin Islands

Jahné Massac was born and raised on St. Thomas Island, the US Virgin Islands. Inspired by her studies and previous employment in a local store, this 24-year-old’s dream is to open her own bridal boutique, after studying for a degree in design. She is also an aspiring model, and would love to work for world renowned brands in the future. Jahné loves to make music and is a skilled pianist, flautist and steel drum player. Her hobbies include drawing, reading and cheerleading.

The Miss World Final takes place on December 19th at the Beauty Crown Grand Theatre in Sanya.

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