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An injured opposition activist is assisted after clashes with riot police at the Central University of Venezuela during a protest against the government of Nicolas Maduro in Caracas on May 4, 2017. (Photo credit: FEDERICO PARRA/AFP/Getty Images)

By NAN Contributor

News Americas, CARACAS, Venezuela, Fri. May 5, 2017: Venezuela’s President Nicholas Maduro continued his attempt to hold on to power Thursday with a constitutional rewrite even as thousands continued protests in the streets and the death toll from the protests since early April rose past 35 and the injury count to 437 people according to Venezuelan Attorney General Luisa Ortega. So who are the victims of the fierce clashes to date? Here they are as compiled from several news reports including CNN and Telesur.

1: Jairo Ortiz

Jairo Ortiz, a 19-year-old student, was shot and killed by transit police Officer Rohenluis Leonel Mata in the state of Miranda on April 6, 2017 as he protested in the streets.

2: Daniel Queliz

Daniel Queliz, 19, was also a college student from Carabobo who was participating in an opposition protest when he was shot and killed by Venezuelan on April 10th.

3: Ricarda de Lourdes

Ricarda de Lourdes, 83, died on April 10th at her home in Caracas because ambulances were prevented by opposition protesters from picking her up. She was unable to get treated for hydrocephalus and died.

4: Yey Amaro

Police Officer Yey Amaro, 37, was hit and killed by a vehicle driven by protesters on April 11th after trying to mediate protests in his home state of Lara on April 11th.

5. Miguel Colmenares

Miguel Colmenares, 36, a protestor, died from multiple wounds received after the detonation of explosive devices in Barquisimeto, Lara state.

6. Gruseny Canelon

Gruseny Canelon, 32, an opposition supporter from Lara died of organ failure after being shot by the National Guard during an anti-government demonstration.

7. Oliver Villa

Oliver Villa, 29, a digital marketing entrepreneur, was shot by unidentified assailants on motorbikes in Caracas after evading an opposition barricade in the El Paraiso sector of Caracas on April 12th.

8. Brayan Principal

Brayan Principal, 14, a resident of the Ali Primera Socialist City, was shot by protesters after they toppled the main gate of the commune.

9. Carlos Moreno

Carlos Moreno, a 17-year-old student was shot in the head while in Caracas on April 12th. He died while undergoing surgery, a hospital representative told CNN.  Family members say he was not involved in the protest and he was on his way to play soccer when he was allegedly attacked by armed robbers who stole his motorcycle. Moreno studied economics at Venezuelan Central University in Caracas.

10. Sergeant Niumar Sanclemente

Sergeant Niumar Sanclemente  of the Venezuela National Guard was apparently killed by sniper fire in Los Teques, the capital of the state of Merida on April 19th.

11. Paola Ramirez

Paola Ramirez, a 23-year-old college student from Tachira was shot on April 19th while in the vicinity of a demonstration.

12. Kevin Leon

Kevin Leon, a 19-year-old bakery worker in the El Valle district of Caracas, was shot by looters who were vandalizing his workplace on April 20th.

13. Ramon Martinez

Ramon Martinez, a 28-year-old cook who worked in the same bakery as Leon in the El Valle district of Caracas was shot by looters as he tried to protect the store.

14. Elio Manuel Pacheco Perez

Elio Manuel Pacheco Perez, 20, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

15. Armando Canizales

Armando Canizales, 17, was killed after being struck in the neck at a protest in a city east of Caracas. Video shows the young man in jeans and a black jacket being rushed by two men on a motorcycle to an ambulance as friends cried, “No, Armando!”

16. Robert Joel Centeno Briceño

Robert Joel Centeno Briceño, 29, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

17. William Heriberto Marrero Rebolledo

William Heriberto Marrero Rebolledo, 33, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

18. Jonathan Meneses

Jonathan Meneses, 27, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

19:  Stivenson Zamora

 Stivenson Zamora, 21, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

20. Kenyer Alexander Aranguren Pérez

Kenyer Alexander Aranguren Pérez, 20, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

21. Yorgeiber Rafael Barrena Bolívar

Yorgeiber Rafael Barrena Bolívar, 15, was electrocuted while attempting to loot a bakery in El Valle, Caracas.

22. Mervin Guitan

Mervin Guitan, 26, who worked for a mayor’s office in Sucre, was shot by unidentified gunmen during a protest.

23. Alberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodriguez, 16, died from suffocation from tear gas used in El Valle, Caracas.

24. Almelina Carrillo

Almelina Carrillo, 47, was struck in the head with a frozen water bottle thrown from a building while walking near a pro-government march in Caracas on April 19th and died on April 24th.

25. Jesus Sulbaran

Jesus Sulbaran, a 41-year-old criminology student and an official in the governor’s office in Merida, was killed while participating in a pro-government demonstration, according to Venezuela’s ombudsman on April 24th.

26: Renzo Rodriguez

Renzo Rodriguez, 54, was killed in the state of Barinas from a gunshot wound to his chest when he was in the vicinity of the mayor’s office of the municipality of Barinas.

27. Orlando Jhosep

Orlando Jhosep, 23 died of a gunshot wound during a protest in the city of El Tocuyo, Lara state.

28. Daniel Infante

Daniel Infante, a 25-year-old transportation worker, was killed while participating in a pro-government demonstration, according to Venezuela’s ombudsman.

29. Luis Marquez

Luis Marquez, 52, was shot and killed in the capital of the state of Merida while taking part in a pro-government demonstration on April 24th.

30. Efrain Sierra

Efrain Sierra, 27, lost his life after receiving a bullet in the stomach on April 24th as he resisted the theft of his motorcycle while passing through a protest barricade.

31. Juan Pablo Pernalete Llovera

Juan Pablo Pernalete Llovera, 20, was killed Wednesday in Chacao after being hit by a gas canister on April 26th

32. Angel Enrique Moreira Gonzalez

Angel Enrique Moreira Gonzalez, 28, died in an accident after trying to dodge a barricade placed by an opposition march blocking a highway in the state of Miranda. This led to his motorcycle crashed into another car on May 2nd.

33. Ana Rodriguez

Ana Rodriguez, 42, died in the state of Carabobo when the bus she was traveling in crashed trying to dodge a street barricade. On  May 2nd, the opposition had called for communities across Venezuela to block all access to their towns by building barricades.

34. Yonathan Quintero

Yonathan Quintero, 21, was killed by a store owner when a group of people tried to loot his store in the state of Carabobo.

35. Armando Cañizales

Armando Cañizales, 18, died on May 3rd due to a gunshot wound on his neck during an opposition march blocking one of the main highways in Caracas.

36: Paola Andreina Ramírez Gómez

Paola Andreina Ramírez Gómez, 23, died in plaza San Carlos in San Cristóbal, Tachira state from a gunshot wound to her chest.

37: Sergeant Niumar Jose San Clemente Barrios

Venezuelan National Guard Sgt. Niumar Jose San Clemente Barrios, 28, who was apparently killed by sniper fire during riots in the Caracas suburb of San Antonio de las Altos. The killings and protests comes as the U.S. State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Michael Fitzpatrick said on Tuesday that the Maduro government’s constitutional convention “overrides the will of the Venezuelan people and further erodes Venezuelan democracy,” on Tuesday.



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