Mexican Wanted For Murder Iced

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Pablo Alvaro Silos being deported by US ICE officers. (US ICE image)
Pablo Alvaro Silos being deported by US ICE officers. (US ICE image)

News Americas, COAHUILA, Mexico, Fri. Dec. 4, 2014: A 38-year-old man wanted in Mexico for his involvement in a homicide has been removed and handed over to Mexican authorities by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement Removal Operations (ERO) officers from El Paso, Texas.

Pablo Alvaro Silos allegedly participated in the murder of a victim who died as a result of gunshot wounds. According to police reports, on April 23, 2002, three individuals, including Alvaro Silos, were at a hamburger stand in Torreon waiting for their hamburgers when they got into an argument with the victim. Alvaro Silos and one of his accomplices allegedly punched and kicked the victim several times while the third accomplice shot the victim two times. The victim died at the scene.

Alvaro Silos first entered the United States illegally in June 2001 near San Ysidro, California, without admission or parole. After serving several criminal sentences for various crimes, ICE removed him on May 9, 2006. He later illegally re-entered the country and was again sentenced for criminal acts that included re-entry after being previously removed.

Alvaro Silos later applied for immigration relief, but was found ineligible by an immigration judge. On Nov. 14, a judge ordered his removal from the United States. He was deported on Dec. 1, 2014.