CaribPR Wire, Road Town, BVI, Fri. July 5, 2013: Moke International is pleased to announce they have selected Tola Moke Limited in the British Virgin Islands as the distributor for the Caribbean market.

A spokesperson for Moke International described Mr. Bruce Wong, of Tola Moke Limited, as “being enthusiastic about the new Moke whilst also being knowledgable about the cars history and also the future of the brand. His long career and successful business experience in the Caribbean will be the key for the on-going support of the Moke and future model launches ”

Mr. Wong recently traveled to Shanghai to drive the test car and met with the engineering team behind the scenes. “The car looks and drives great. There has been an enormous amount of work to ensure the new Moke retains its heritage while still looking to the future,” said Mr. Wong. “There is currently no other car that evokes so much passion and fun in the current market place, especially in the Caribbean.”

Mr. Wong will be travelling to Australia in September for the official launch of the Moke. The event will be open to media and VIP’s in the automotive industry. “It will be time for all to drive the much anticipated car,” he said.

Designed by Michael Young the new ‘Classic’ Moke is a project between Moke International, Chery Motors and Sicar Engineering. The new ‘Classic’ Moke still boasts all of its old features but has been re- engineered to comply with modern performance and safety standards.

The new features include but are not limited to, modern suspension technology, 9” front disc brakes, a new improved a fuel injected engine that will be available in Automatic and manual transmission and 3-point seat harnesses for front and rear seats. The engine, suspension, steering and brake systems are all well proven components on other Chery automobiles. The Moke will also be available in right and left hand drives.

There are also plans for an Electric eMoke to be released in the near future and more details regarding this will be released soon.

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