By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 16, 2012: Obama’s “secret” campaign slogan is “show me the money.” And you can’t show him too much money. There is a good reason.

That’s for sure.

His re-election campaign announced this week the $1 Billion his re-election campaign expects to raise in total well that’s not quite enough for Barack Obama. He’s worried his other source of campaign cash the “Super Pac” isn’t doing well enough. He’s worried the Republican Super-Pacs are bigger than his.

Of course Super Pacs aren’t really campaign funds. They are “independent” groups with “no” direct contact, excuse me, that is the wrong word – it’s no direct control from the campaigns. So they can raise as much money as they can without any limit in general or as much as they like from any one contributor and they can do it in secret if they wish.

Then they can spend as much as they wish trashing a candidate or promoting another of course as long as they are “independent” of the actual campaigns.

Thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court which ruled last year that such spending was a matter of “free speech.” And so you can buy as much free speech as you can afford in the United States.

Those Supremes are brighter than the rest of us. They can find such meaning and clear cut constitutional rights in a document written back in 1789. Or maybe it was the Founding Fathers who were brilliant enough to write into the U.S. Constitution that there should be no limit on how much anyone can spend to buy an elected office even the Presidency. If so it appears they used invisible ink that only Supreme Court justices can see.

So back to Obama. Obama thinks he needs even more than a Billion $$$ so he can stay in The White House or as one of my favorite sources the NY Times put it this week ..

“The warning came from David Plouffe, President Obama’s top political adviser: The Koch brothers and Republican “super PACs” have pledged hundreds of millions of dollars to defeat Mr. Obama, he told a dozen wealthy Democrats gathered in a Silicon Valley office suite. Do not believe what you read about all the money the president will raise himself, Mr. Plouffe urged them. He needs your help.”

SORRY rich Silicon Valley guys, Hollywood moguls, left leaning Wall Street barons. Its nice that you and your mate come to those $38,800 a plate Obama campaign dinners but it’s not enough.

IF the Koch Brothers can give hundreds of millions to the Republican campaign WHY can’t you rich guys on Obama’s side do the same. You all don’t have to give hundreds of millions but heck how about just a few million each to the Obama SUPER Pac now and maybe another few million more later in the year.

Now remember you aren’t really giving to the Obama campaign – no – these are INDEPENDENT groups who just happen to run the exact same kinds of ads as the campaigns do except maybe nastier.

Let’s go back to the NY Times article for more solace to understand the terrible problem Obama has …

“With the general election campaign just a few months away, Mr. Obama’s allies are under growing pressure to raise money rapidly for Democratic-leaning independent groups, warning his supporters that the huge cash advantage mustered by Republican groups could prove decisive this fall, overwhelming Mr. Obama despite his own formidable fund-raising apparatus.”

SEE its justified the other guys are doing!!

POOR Barack Obama in the Old Days four years ago in 2008 well then a Billion or so was enough. But times change. To say the obvious a billion dollars isn’t what it was 4 years ago. Amen. Let’s get real here.

Campaigns are all about money. Why should they be different than any other part of life? And why should Barack Obama act differently than anyone else including the Republicans?


The “logic” is that Obama should act just like the sleaziest among him. And you didn’t even pause. This is the Barack Obama who PROMISED us he would change Washington. That Barack Obama would be our CHANGE Master. He simply forgot to tell us the kind of “change” was the kind that is counted in very large $$$$.

No pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters please.

The truth is the rich flock to Obama with just as much gusto as other rich flock to the Republicans. As everyone who knows anything should know, there is only ONE major political party in the United States that uses two names take your choice Republican or Democrat call it The Money Party.

Again from the NY Times article some more about Obama’s side
of The Money Party ..

“Although federal election law prohibits super PACs from coordinating their spending with campaigns they are supporting, the Obama camp is exploiting loopholes that allow the president’s aides to help court donors. In February, Jim Messina, Mr. Obama’s campaign manager, addressed prospective Priorities USA donors at the Chicago offices of John W. Rogers Jr., an investment manager and an Obama fund-raiser, while Mr. Plouffe’s event, this month, was hosted by Steve Westly, a California venture capitalist and a major Obama donor.”

Did you catch part of the first sentence above?

“…….the Obama camp is exploiting loopholes that allow the president’s aides to help court ( super pac) donors.”

That’s right! CHANGE MASTER Barack Obama is doing exactly what every other sleazy elected official in America does find and exploit loopholes that allows him even to avoid the weak regulations that superficially give the impression of holding elected officials accountable in minor ways.

What is being referenced here is the fact Obama gave his blessing recently for his cabinet members and other senior Obama officials to speak at super pac events and meet with those writing those BIG super pac checks and those they want to write those checks and bigger and bigger checks to feed the super pac.

Now WHY would any rich business man expect anything at all from Obama or the government in return for his multi-million $$$ check that one of Obama’s top officials is pitching him for?

Let’s see what they might want. Back to the NY Times article …

“Some potential donors are unhappy with the president’s stance on climate change or other issues. Mr. Obama’s backers on Wall Street are leery of money being used for attacks on Mr. Romney’s background in private equity, already the topic of millions of dollars’ worth of slash-and-burn advertising this year from a super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich. Still others are not persuaded Obama faces any real threat, with the economy improving and the Republican field in the midst of a long, bruising primary.”

No way they wouldn’t do that would they? And how insulting to think that President Barack Obama would do anything for any of them for all that money that doesn’t even go to his campaign but rather to his “independent” super-pac that he sends his Secretary of the Treasury and other senior officials to visit.

In fact, it is outrageous that some cynics claim there is little difference between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Well hello!

Did you forget Barack Obama is our Change Master? And Mitt Romney certainly is not. Now write that big check to Obama’s super-pac and shut up. If you can’t afford to, get lost!

Do you expect the President of the United States Barack Obama to surround himself with poor people? Get real. The best things in life are not and free neither is Obama!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.