New Evidence Supports Bribery Claims By Jack Warner

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News Americas, LONDON, England, Thurs. July 7, 2011: New evidence supports claims that Trinidad & Tobago minister of government and former FIFA veep, Jack Warner, colluded with Mohamed Bin Hammam to offer bribes in exchange for votes.

Reports indicate that the investigation, conducted by former FBI director Louis Freeh, uncovered new evidence supporting the findings of the initial inquiry, that Warner and Bin Hammam offered bribes of up to $1 million to Caribbean football officials,
Bin Hammam and Warner were suspended on May 29th when a leaked report revealed that four Caribbean Football Union associations had been offered money or had seen the offence occurring during a meeting on May 10-11 when they were offered $40,000 in brown paper envelopes in return for their vote in the presidential election.

FIFA announced on Wednesday it had completed its investigation into bin Hammam and its ethics committee would hear the case against the suspended official on July 22.

Bin Hammam, who was hoping to unseat Sepp Blatter from the leading role at FIFA, has argued that many of those claiming to have received money were not able to vote

Warner resigned from all his football posts after receiving the ethics committee’s initial findings. As a result, FIFA dropped its investigation into Warner.