George Zimmerman stands and listens to the verdict as it was read on July 13, 2013.
News Americas, Brooklyn, NY, Sat. July 13, 2013: Congressman of New York’s eighth congressional district, Hakeem Jeffries, has called on the U.S. Justice Department to open an immediate investigation to determine if George Zimmerman can be charged with civil rights violations in the killing of 17-year-old African-American, Trayvon Martin.

Congressman Jeffries statement came an hour after the 6-member all-female jury in a Sanford, Florida court found George Zimmerman, a Hispanic man, not guilty at around 10 p.m. EST on July 13th of killing Martin.

“Once again, the court system has failed to deliver justice in a racially-tinged matter that involves the killing of an innocent, unarmed African-American male,” said Jeffries.

Meanwhile, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer also weighed in saying: “I am shocked and saddened to learn of the Trayvon Martin verdict. A young black man on his way home should have been able to walk the streets safely. Instead, he was cut down by senseless violence. Our hearts and prayers go out to his family.”

The jury acquitted Zimmerman, 29, of all charges in the death of Martin, bringing to an end a case that set off nationwide protests and searing debates over racial justice and self-defense laws.

Zimmerman had faced a second-degree murder charge, which carried a maximum sentence of life in prison, and the lesser charge of manslaughter, which carried a maximum 30-year sentence.

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