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Carol-Marajthe mother of rapper Nicki Minaj.
Carol Maraj, the mother of rapper Nicki Minaj.

By Carol Maraj

Special To NAN

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Oct. 16, 2014: On September 28, 2014, the UK Sun published an article written by Pete Samson captioned “Nicki witnessed her dad beating me…and used it to become the fiercest pop star on the planet, Minaj’s mum talks about daughter’s childhood.”

Its presumed premise is an interview I granted the writer.

The article purports to quote me extensively but is replete with embellishments and fabrications, apparently for sensationalism. Thus, I cannot allow this stunning piece of dishonest, tabloid journalism to stand unchallenged.

I agreed to the interview with Mr. Samson as the mother of Nicki Minaj and a victim of domestic violence, on condition that my daughter and other family matters would be exempt from discussion and publication.

We agreed that  the article’s singular focus would be my work to inspire women by creating awareness of domestic violence; helping victims overcome the scourge of abuse and my Gospel Single “God’s Been Good.”

In a crass breach of the agreed terms, Mr. Samson not only made my daughter and my family the focal point of his article, but also punctuated it with gross falsities and salacious gossip from other sources. Two witnesses to my interview can attest to his breaches and prevarications.

I did not tell the writer that I was “beaten black and blue.”  Neither did I state or imply that my husband physically assaulted me continuously in the presence or hearing of my children or otherwise. This simply did not happen.

The cycle of physical abuse Mr. Sampson portrayed is therefore an embellishment which I forcefully decry.  I would not have tolerated nor subjected my children to such violence.

I told Mr. Samson of the vicious verbal abuse I endured and of two instances of physical abuse.  I also recounted the occasion when my husband allegedly burnt down our home. That’s it!

The article would have been useful had the writer focused on the agreed topics and the genesis and purpose of the Carol Maraj Foundation. My family is disappointed that he eschewed these legitimate issues.

The challenges my marriage and family experienced are not dissimilar from those of many other marriages and families. However, I cannot subscribe to the Sun’s embellishments. My family believes that integrity and unrelenting devotion to truth supersede tabloid falsehoods that are coined solely for profiteering.

For those who might be inspired by my story, my new single entitled “God’s Been Good,” is an uplifting commentary from the heart which I entrust to you as a source of inspiration! The single, for which a video will be release shortly, is available on iTunes.

The newly founded Carol Maraj Foundation advocates for “domestic violence free” families and homes. It also aims to empower victims, nurture their self-esteem and give them new hope of a brighter future.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Carol Maraj is the founder of the Carol Maraj Foundation and the mother of Trinidad-born rapper Nicki Minaj. For more log on to



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