revelers-searched-at-jouvertBy NAN Staff Writer

News Americas, BROOKLYN, NY, Tues. Sept. 5, 2017: Was it Brooklyn, NY or the airport? It was hard to tell as the NYPD yesterday kept a vice like grip on the 2017 J’Ouvert celebrations, ramping up its security with wands, searches and confiscation of alcohol. There was also a ‘no music’ sign along the route. The intensive security measures this year comes after the event has been plagued by violence in recent years. Here are some of the scenes from the NYPD stepped up security measures that J’Ouvert revelers had to grin and bear Monday morning. It was almost as if they were going through a TSA security check point – except it was right in their neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.


jouvert-new-reality jouvert-nypd jouvert-nypd-searches jouvert-revellers-wanded jouvert-searches nypd-confiscates-booze-at-jouvert nypd-jouvert-patdown nypd-jouvert-wanding nypd-power-at-westindian-day-carnival nypd-searches-at-jouvert nypd-take-control-of-jouvert

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