Obama’s Americas Episode #4 – “Obama Has Only One Agenda”

“That’s Right I Have One Agenda So What?”
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“That’s Right I Have One Agenda So What?”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, New York, NY, Fri. Mar. 18, 2011: My theory is that President Obama lives in a constant state of confusion. Once he figured out being President means more than having a good time at taxpayer expense. Or should.

Does that mean I’m saying Barack Obama is UNQUALIFIED to be President? Dear reader I will leave that pregnant topic for a later episode to keep your attention. For now I will talk around that issue unless you prefer to read between my lines.

For now allow me to issue a disclaimer if you have not figured this out after just 3 episodes here at News Americas with my weekly commentary Obama’s Americas ……..

I am not the President of the Barack Obama Fan Club. To be more precise I no longer am. I would certainly have qualified back in 2004 when Obama was running for U.S. Senate and still during his Presidential campaign. But since then he has given us our WAKE up call all of us who are not tone deaf.

Barack Obama is about Barack Obama. Which is fine in its own way his way but it often does nothing for you or me. Nor the rest of progressive America. Although its good stuff for the Status Quo freaks. And not all that bad if you are a Republican as long as you have not fallen off the right wing cliff.

Which finally brings me to Obama’s agenda. Barack Obama has just one agenda. To get himself re-elected. Surprise. Like any of the many President before him Barack Obama and include Michelle craves re-election. Hello. Well think again. That does say it all. Barack Obama is just like the Presidents before him. My turn to say. HELLO.

That is not why most of us voted for him. It is certainly NOT what he preached during his campaign that won him the Presidency in 2008. That created a frenzy. Now it all has very real implications.

None of it good for those who want more than more of the Same. We start from the fact there has been nothing special about the Obama Presidency even before he recently told us for all practical purposes he and his administration is already in re-election campaign mode. The official announcement is likely this month. If not then next.

His minions and he himself are already beating the golden fund raising path proclaiming as much as Obama raised 4 years ago well he’ll need even more this time around. No surprise there since he won’t be able to run on his hollow promises this time. He’ll need even more cash to fool us.

Here is the Reality. Obama’s claim on many votes is pure fact. Sad fact that it is. Even as a run of the mill Democratic Party President he is the only choice compared to the scary range of Republicans who fantasize beating him. Many of the smart and/or younger ones will wait to 2016 to run for the Big Prize. Broken down old war horses like Newt Gingrich can’t wait four more years. By then he will be officially certified senile.

The larger point is we can expect nothing more from Obama than he delivered the first two years. The next two years. Correction less. His strategy is to be as likeable to as many voters as he can. That means doing nothing to offend anyone.

He is kissing up to any Big Business Czar he can find. Likewise any Republican proposal to slash and burn that doesn’t involve witch burning or the mass deportation of anyone who does not look like Michelle Beckman.

There is an alternative for Obama. Laugh now why wait. President Barack Obama could decide to run on a positive agenda of change and hit hard at the real phony Americans. The Right Wing Whackos whose real agenda is to destroy the American social fabric and turn us all into a nation of “freed slaves.”

The radical idea that Obama NOT make his own re-election his ONLY priority. I hope you already had your laugh. Imagine Barack Obama actually being the candidate and the President he conned us into believing he would be.

Then he would be the master of CHANGE we can believe in. Fat Chance. Obama never learned that technique in acting school. Sorry as a community organizer in Chicago while moon lighting as a high paid big law firm attorney or hiking it back East to attend Harvard law School where he felt no financial pain.

Still you can argue he was being truthful during the First Campaign in a deceitful way. What change should we believe in? The change that is never going to happen. Again what change should we believe in. The change Presidential candidates talk about during the campaign but don’t deliver. That’s right Obama can argue he did bring us “change” we can believe in. No change at all.

Let the campaign begin! Sorry it already has.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.