Obama’s Un-Excellent Vacation Plans

Obamas' Headed To Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy It!
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Obamas' Headed To Martha’s Vineyard. Enjoy It!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 19, 2011: O to be a rich American and free of any financial woes.
What’s that after President Obama’s “grueling” (sic) three-day bus trip through the heartland he more than deserves 10 days in the most exclusive and luxurious vacation enclave in America.

Sure he does. And you deserve to win the next Powerball. Yes its true Barack and Michelle know how to vacation better than any previous President. Twice a year! Not including family trips billed as govt. business to Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. Each summer in a multi-million dollar beachside villa 28 secluded acres of Bliss on the ocean at Cape Cod. The toniest part of all Martha’s Vineyard. Yes, where the most elite meet and party in private.

Then each Christmastime its back to Hawaii for another 10 days or more of sun soaked nirvana in another multi-million dollar mansion and private beach.

Yes the Obama’s may be renting these super-mansions with their considerable wealth but that cost is indeed minor compared to what these travels cost U.S. taxpayers. They travel in luxury at our expense. They are surrounded by staff and security at our expense. We pick up most of the tab.

None of Obama’s predecessors can compete when it comes to vacations. No not that any of them suffered they were just a little bit less ostentatious. Some of them very much so. What did Ronald Reagan do. He retreated to his modest wannabe ranch in the California hills and cleared brush. And sawed wood.
Now think about this. Our Change Master the new generation President we can supposedly believe in reality enjoys his luxuries better than the rest. Even “better” the dismal state of the nation and many Americans do not oppose his vacation plans whatsoever.

Think harder. Dig for meaning. So here is the public response from the Obama White House. Give the Man a break he deserves a few days to relax.

Here is the unstated reply.

Nobody is going to care a few weeks from now let alone next election day in 2012. Besides if Obama’s prospects don’t look so good next summer for one year in 2012 he will skip Martha’s Vineyard.

Probably not!

So here is what they don’t get or don’t want to get Obama himself most of all. No one incident is going to derail Obama. That is not how it works. The opinion of the public specifically the majority who will determine his fate we continue to develop a collective opinion of the President churning everything we know or find out about him and doing so both consciously and unconsciously and out of our brains comes favorable or unfavorable opinions. That translates into votes.

If you want to dig even deeper Obama’s vacation plans are a reflection of his character especially as a leader. Obama has not had to face or has chosen not to face the fact that if it were easy to be a real leader everyone would be. Yes, I coined that phrase.

In other words, the election aside if Obama possessed the character of a real leader let alone a great one it would not even be the next election in focus rather him saying to himself I’m a reflection of the nation and the American people. I’ll act accordingly.

These are not boom times for most Americans. It is inappropriate and indefensible for me to be flaunting wealth and taking the kind of vacation well over 99 percent of Americans cannot even dream of taking. Ever.

No I Barack Obama will just have to “suffer” doing something more modest by way of a vacation than Martha’s Vineyard. Maybe take my family to a national park.

I must be kidding! Having just written that it should strike you as laughable as it does me that President Barack Obama would ever think, let alone do so.

Therein lies the problem. For the rest of us.

And no need to make this a longer commentary.

Rather let me set an example for the President. Try anyway. My “vacation” Mr. President is spending a little less time writing this week’s commentary and absolutely not basking in luxury on Martha’s Vineyard as you will be doing as I go to press.

Almost forgot.

Wherever you go take some serious time Mr. President to ponder my great advice that you step aside and save the country and the Democratic Party by not running for re-election.

Think of the benefits.

As a former President you can spend all summer long at that huge mansion on Martha’s Vineyard in fact buy that mansion instead of renting it with all the money ex-Presidents magically earn. And nobody will criticize you for all that time on vacation. And it won’t cost the rest of us arms and legs. You can pay all the expenses. Ride on your own private jet. Live the very good life.

You just won’t be President thank God.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.