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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 10, 2011: Poor Barack Obama.

It’s not fair. He kills Osama bin Laden and two weeks later it’s
Osama Who Cares. The fickle American public. Killing Osama should have solved all our problems if you believed the hoopla in the hours that followed and the giddy rejoicing in The White House. I mean wasn’t he the source of all the world’s problems. At least all of America’s problems.

Sadly there is something called the economy. Some call it stupid. But whatever you call it the ECONOMY is the biggest factor in Presidential elections. The mantra has always been no U.S. President presiding over a booming economy can fail to win reelection.

Unfortunately conventional wisdom and most of history proves the reverse is almost as true a bad economy is not good for incumbent Presidents.

So right about now President Obama is in a funk even playing golf won’t cure for him because it seems the U.S. economy is not improving in the ways that count for voters not Corporate Big Wigs.

If only we lived in a country in which the size of your vote was determined by the size of your wallet things would be so, so much better for President Obama. Or maybe not, since the rich are NEVER satisfied. Although they will still contribute the Big Bucks to Obama’s $1 Billion re-election campaign.

The rich eternally bitch it is never good enough for them because that is what the rich do bitch that it is not good enough even while they are making more money than they can easily count. Many of them more than God. Well they are doing very, very well under Obama.

First he bailed all of them out not you just them. And now their part of the economy is flying high. Luxury goods have rarely sold so well. They can’t buy too many luxury homes. It is Fat City once again if it wasn’t always.

Too bad Barack couldn’t be President in a country with only rich people like even he is now not that he was ever poor his self-serving autobiographical fictions aside.

No Barack Obama is President in this country with an ever struggling middle class and lots of poor people even if we hide them well. Worst of all next year is election year and it seems more and more likely the economy of the majority of the Americans will not be booming. That is not good for Obama’s prospects. Except for the fact somebody meaning a Republican has to beat him for him to lose The White House, Air Force One, the free trips to Hawaii, the golf, etc.

The question of this Commentary is a bad economy good enough
to get Obama the boot when some Republican must convince enough voters to give them a majority in the Electoral College (does anyone ever graduate from the Electoral College?). In other
words even if the economy does not pick up for the ‘unrich’ majority will they be likely to vote for some wacky Republican candidate simply to punish Obama. Even if Obama is Black!

It happens again and again to incumbent Presidents they get dumped still might Obama be saved by the “quality” of the Republican field announced and potentials like Sarah. Especially
since none of them will get nominated without pledging allegiance
on blood to the right wing mumbo jumbo. I wonder!

And let’s not forget this. What exactly is some Republican Presidential candidate going to say to make the vast majority believe they will improve the economy. That they will end environmental controls. That they will give us more polluted water and air and that will create fabulous jobs here?

That they will kick out all the undocumented immigrants so American citizens can fry all day in hot fields picking fruit for a few dollars a day and get treated like animals. Or maybe they will tell Americans they will increase the military budget and send even more Americans to die for nothing in Afghanistan and that will produce more jobs. In fact the more soldiers that get killed maybe they will tell us the more new jobs they will create. That dead
soldiers are good for the economy??

Now here is the real point of this Commentary.

Neither Obama nor do any of the Republican wannabes have a clue how to improve the economy for most Americans. Especially
since for most people an improving economy is equal to good jobs and lots of them to choose from.

Well none of these guys, beginning with Obama, knows how to create lots of jobs. Obama’s temporary solution was to pump in billions of gov’t dollars by simply printing them and turning them
into jobs. The problem is those aren’t real jobs and the bigger problem is that these kind of jobs just keep growing the U.S. debt level most of all. And even if Obama wanted to print more money to create millions of new temporary jobs until Election Day 2012 the Republicans won’t give him the voters he needs to do so. They aren’t that stupid.

Life is just unfair for U.S. Presidents!

The Dirty Big Secret which neither Obama nor will any of the Republicans touch is telling the Truth. There are never again going to be lots of great jobs if there ever were for more and more
Americans. That well is running dry and it will not fill itself. Not ever. The age of jobs are over. People will always work but less and less of them with each passing year and each new decade. And many of the jobs there are will suck.

That is a very, very Big Problem but you will never ever hear Barack Obama or any of the Republicans speaking this way. They will continue to drone on (maybe I shouldn’t say drone or Obama will launch another in Afghanistan or Pakistan) about all the fabulous new jobs that are coming any day now to America.

Just don’t ask him when or from where. Cause all Obama and the others will do is babble on about nothing that makes sense while the pliant media sucks it all up like free nutrition-less soda.

Here are the facts. Jobs are disappearing.


At an increasing pace.

So while the gov’t and the media “massages” the data to give a rosier picture whenever it can get away with it. It won’t change reality. To the extent the economy is tied to jobs and job growth there are no solutions. Obama does not have a Clue. Neither do the Republicans.

So will the economy really cost Obama his best job in the nation,
with perks others can only dream about. Keep reading here every week. And find out.

It’s a very good story! You’ll only hear here.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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