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News Americas, WASHINGTON, D.C., Fri. Sept., 9, 2011: In a fiery speech last night, President Barack Obama, appearing in full campaign, mode, urged Congress to pass a $447 billion package of spending initiatives and tax cuts to boost economic growth.

The President, vowing to take the American Jobs Act on the road to as many Americans as possible, peppered the 40 plus minute remarks with the phrase: “you should pass this jobs plan right away.”

The President’s plan, unveiled in a speech to a joint session of Congress, insisted that “everything in here is the kind of proposal that’s been supported by both Democrats and Republicans … and everything in this bill will be paid for. Everything.”

Under the plan, small businesses will get a tax cut if they hire new workers or if they raise workers’ wages; all small business owners will also see their payroll taxes cut in half next year and all businesses will be able to continue writing off the investments they make in 2012.

Commanding the attention of the joint house, Obama concluded: “These are difficult years for our country. But we are Americans. We are tougher than the times we live in, and we are bigger than our politics have been. So let’s meet the moment. Let’s get to work, and let’s show the world once again why the United States of America remains the greatest nation on Earth.”

Caribbean American Congresswoman, Yvette D. Clarke, called the plan “a great start to address job creation” but said “we will need more initiatives, policies, and legislation to effectively and efficiently create jobs.”

Focusing on whether the act can get passed or not, Clarke added: “I also know that the President can’t do this by himself. I hope that my Republican colleagues will put aside their combative attitude towards our President and do what’s right by the American people.”

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