Obama, Call Them “Terrorists”


By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 15, 2011: If the U.S. had uncovered a plan by the late Osama bin Laden to destroy the credit worthiness of the U.S. government let alone in doing so created all kinds of negative impacts for the United States both immediately and over far longer periods …..

American politicians would be lining up for miles to get time on camera to denounce bin Laden or the Taliban for their newest more diabolical TERRORIST plot. Well we do have a group of flag waving (sic) radical Republicans in Congress who are trying to do exactly that. So why isn’t President Obama labeling them what they are TERRORISTS.

These whackos get away with holding our entire nation “hostage” to their extreme right wing fantasies because Obama and the others treat them with respect and address them as equals. Hey Obama, they are whackos and TERRORISTS. When we are talking about the likes of the Taliban we do not reserve the name of terrorists for them when it only involve their use of weapons to kill and destroy.

Whatever they do or plan that will negatively impact America in any significant way is rightly labeled TERRORISM. Why are the same exact actions for which we would without hesitation label bin Laden’s followers as terrorists for hatching a plan for the U.S. to refuse to honor its obligations and create tremendous hardships for millions while destroying the financial health of the United States?

Why rather do we label nut jobs like Republican Eric Cantor and the biggest whacko of them all Michelle Bachmann as serious, well meaning, patriotic Congressional leaders when they are economic TERRORISTS.

Once again we are being victimized by a weak, very weak, President who conned us all into believing he is something more than he is in winning an election peddling change we can believe in an obviously empty campaign line as we now know.

In every commentary, I have no choice but to return to the very same point – there is only one motivation behind everything Obama does including his response to the reactionaries in the Republican and the phantom Tea Party …..

Obama’s response is whatever he thinks will serve him best to re-elected. So for Obama to directly criticize these mean spirited vicious anti-American “bomb throwers” ready for even gleeful about the U.S. defaulting come August 2nd, Obama has decided there is more votes in treating them with phony respect and decorum.

Here is the problem for Obama.

Cantor and the Boys & Girls who are in his camp from Hell know this as well as I do. So they are using the tactic that is as old as life on Earth called Bullying someone who makes it obvious they can be. They know Obama will not call their bluff and so they continue to hit him over the head if not out and out try to humiliate him while he keeps talking about “comprise.”

This time, President Obama should be using his favorite Presidential Perk Air Force One and flying all over the country giving speech after speech telling the American people in no uncertain terms a bunch of radical Republicans who are out of control are hell bent on destroying the very fabric of the United States in pursuit of an agenda to shred the social fabric that holds us together be it tenuously.

Their undisguised hatred of Obama is not a racist issue, although some of it may be buried there. They hate Obama because he represents ever so vaguely, an America they despise.

An inclusive America based on fairness and equality and the rights of all. The America they want is one that heaps all the pain on the middle and poor classes of Americans while protecting all the unjustified even scandalous tax breaks, loopholes and special deals for the rich and powerful.

The whackos make it clear they will allow the U.S. to default rather than take away special tax breaks for luxurious private jets. Why? Because to do so would be a tax increase in their warped minds – as though they really believe it – and they oppose all tax “increases.”

WAIT A MINUTE. But these same Republican are supporting cutting billions indeed trillions from all kinds of programs that are useful for the middle class and poorer Americans. But those “cuts” are not tax increases (WHY???) these Republicans tell us while telling us taking away unjustified tax loopholes for the rich are disastrous tax increases.

So here is some advice President Obama …..

Stand in front of the cameras and the American people in cities and towns across America and make the following statement …

Were Osama bin Laden still alive or if those Taliban devise a plan to prevent millions of Americans from getting their Social Security checks, a plan that would have our soldiers not receive their pay, a plan that would cost American tax payers extra billions of dollars in interest payments for no logical reason, a plan that would destroy the unique financial position of the United States in the world, a plan that would have the government defaulting on obligation after obligation, a plan that would lead to a serious new economic decline, a plan that would throw even more millions of Americans out of work …..

We would all clearly label such a plan by the Taliban as economic TERRORISM without a doubt … well we have a group of Americans right here in Congress led by Eric Cantor and Michelle Bachmann, and others with just such a plan, so what do you think we should call them?

…. What they are TERRORISTS who want to destroy American values and trust worthiness in the name of a radical Right Wing agenda.

Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.