By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 4, 2013: Having just completed my 100th episode last week, and this being the first new episode of the New Year 2013, I had intended to tackle some lofty subject for episode 101 of Obama’s America.

Then as he does to me again and again over 100 episodes so far, Barack Obama has led me to the Absurdity of his Presidency instead. Even I was surprised by what he did this week, which as usual escaped purposely or not the rest of the media.

Only moments after the House passed emergency legislation Tuesday evening and President Obama appeared in The White House in front of the cameras to claim another phony victory ….

On cue, one minute later after he left the room, Marine One landed on The White House lawn and Obama, care free, made his way to his personal mega-copter to whisk him to Andrews Air Force Base.

It seems Barack Obama did NOT cut his luxurious Hawaii vacation “short” to return to Washington to deal with this emergency legislation by the dysfunctional government he is at the center of, as was reported everywhere inaccurately. Rather, Obama simply interrupted his Hawaiian paradise vacation for a few days.

Sure as can be, once that bill passed, Congress Obama was back on Air Force One, flying non-stop 5000 miles once again at our expense to resume his vacation on Wednesday, which for everyone else was the first day back to work after the New Year holiday.

Not Barack and Michelle and the kids, who remained at the luxury estate they rented on Kailua Beach in Oahu – the only part of this excess they pay for and we don’t – and unconcerned that their daughters should have been back in school in D.C. on January 2nd.

King Barack Obama was so eager to get back to Hawaii, he could not wait a few hours for the legislation that had just passed Congress to be sent over to The White House for his signature to become law. Instead, another smaller Royal Jet was dispatched the next day to Hawaii and the law signed in regal splendor by Obama.

You see, nothing matters except their pleasure and they do not have to face reality as mere mortals would; not when you are King of the United States. As King, it is practically expected you will do as Kings throughout history have always done – tell your subjects to do one thing while you do the opposite and they pay for it too.

Yes of course this is the same Barack Obama who said pointedly before he left Washington the other night that the government must rein in excessive spending and make cuts in govt. budgets that will not take funds from the poor and the middle class. That it is the rich – Americans like him – who must carry the load.

So as I said above, this is the world Royalty lives in. Truth, fairness or least of all is setting an example what they do. And they keep on doing it to excess just as long as the peasants and serfs, sorry their loyal subjects, sorry I mean citizens, allow them to get away with it.

Don’t worry! Barack and Michelle won’t stay in Hawaii “too long;” they have to return to Washington on Air Force One to prepare for their big corporation funded Second Coronation on January 21st.

Aloha America. And All Hail Our King & Queen of the USA!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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