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“Fee Fi Fo Fum! Fetch Me All Of Europe!”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 29, 2013: President Obama want to buy some Euros cheap.

How about some European countries?

Too late! Germany owns them all!

The Euro died this week in tiny Cyprus of all places. But that does not mean Germany is going to surrender easily, just as they did not in their first two recent attempts to subjugate all of Western Europe – two events otherwise known as World War I and World War II.

This time Germany had a better plan or thought they did. It did not involve any tanks or gas chambers. No something far more seductive – a “common” currency (sic). A shiny new Euro to replace all those old out of date national currencies in places like Ireland, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, France and even little bitty Cyprus, got in on the action.

Call it sucker time in Europe. A decade ago, when all these second-tier European countries decided mighty Germany had their best interest at heart in championing a new “common” currency. Of course it was not just Germans hawking a new currency for all. The whacked out Pan-European, otherwise known as One World freaks, who have a vision of a first world Europe in which individual governments and identities become obsolete. Everybody worshipping at one altar; one big faceless impotent mass of political mush.

Angela Merkel and the nasty boys of Germany knows exactly what one Europe means – it means one Europe under German rule because Germany’s economy the combined former West Germany and East Germany together are the Juggernaut of Europe that over powers the economies of the likes of Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and yes little bitty Cyprus. And anyone else that stands in its way of conquest.

They suckered the rest of Europe in with seductive early years for the Euro, when this strong currency produced Fat Cities countrywide everywhere. Except it was all an allusion everywhere except in Germany. Because the Euro did nothing to change the dynamics of Europe; all it did was “paper over” the vast differences between Germany and all the rest. Until it was too late and they had all gotten fat and lazy consuming Euros.

As the others now stumble around in a drunken financial stupor, they are easy prey for Angela Merkel and also her henchmen and henchwomen at the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. And of course all those bought and paid for Pan Europe bureaucrats from all over Europe like Mario Monte in Italy who have no trouble selling out their own countries. Otherwise known as traitors in popular culture!

So after all the bad news for Greece, Italy and the rest, and now Cyprus, in their weakened states – double entendre – and addicted to the Euro, Germany swoops down and makes any demands it chooses to “rescue” (sic) them. This is the classic move of Empires against their colonies that goes back to the Beginning of Time. Blame the victims and make them pay and pay, getting weaker and weaker and even easier to rule.

So where does President Barack Obama come into this?

He doesn’t. That is the point of this week’s Commentary.

Leadership is a dirty word in his lexicon. Obama would not know Leadership even if it showed up and wanted to play golf with him at some exclusive course.

Obama should but won’t tell Europe the TRUTH …..

Dump Angel Merkel and the Euro. They are the enemy.

Think about it – one simple statement by President Barack Obama such as …

“I want to speak to both the peoples and the leaders of the many countries that make up Europe; those that are locked into the Euro. It is time to free yourself from the yoke of Germany. The Euro is doing for Germany what they could not accomplish with two world war subjugate the rest of Europe.

“If the rest of Europe continues to be ruled by the Euro there is only pain and suffering ahead. Unlike what Germany and the Euro apologists tell you, your experience is just the opposite of America’s back in 1789, when we established a single currency as the United States of America. We were 13 highly homogeneous all English-speaking former colonies with a common heritage and each weak on its own and incapable of having their own currencies, which would have been worthless and led to their re-colonization.

“In Europe you have the opposite reality. 17 countries that had each existed with your own identities and currency and banking systems surrendered control of your own economies to an outside authority a foreign power largely controlled by Germany.”

“Here is the Dirty Big Secret Europe needs to face right now.

“Germany is more akin to Britain ruling over the American colonies until 1776 forcing us to use their pound as currency and imposing whatever harsh measures on us they wished. Until we said enough and rebelled against the Empire.

“It is time for European nations to rebel against the Euro and reclaim your economies and your identities. It won’t be easy but it is infinitely better than the alternative permanent colonization by Germany. That won’t work anyway. The rebellion will be far worse.”


What is the chance of President Barack Obama making this statement?

About as good as him leaving Air Force One on the ground the next time he takes a golfing vacation and rather flying on one of many smaller govt. jets at his command.

By the way I wonder if Angela Merkel plays golf? They could play together!

They could play for Euros. Except that they would be playing for nothing!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.