Obama’s America – Episode 125 – Message 4 Obama: Don’t Approve Keystone

Keystone: The Last Straw For You Barack!
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Keystone: The Last Straw For You Barack!
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. June 21, 2013: Let me be honest with you as I always am.

There are some things even more important than telling the Truth about Barack Obama.

One of them is the “addiction” to sports I share with Obama and most Americans.

Guaranteed at 9 P.M. tonight, Barack will be in front of his very BG TV, watching the final game of the NBA Championship along with some very special friends, drinking the finest wines (or beer) and feasting on delicacies prepared by White House chefs at our expense.

So why shouldn’t I be in front of my humble TV drinking cheap beer?

The point is, this needs to be a very short Obama’s America episode with a powerful message to make up for its brevity so I can finish by 9 P.M. I can do that I think?

Today the media is awash with word coming out of The White House that Obama will be presenting some bold new measures on pollution and climate control. Specifically that he will FINALLY clamp down on carbon dioxide emissions from dirty power plants.

Once again Barack Obama is setting us up as he did originally so ‘brilliantly” in getting himself elected President. And he has been setting us up again and again ever since.

Setting us up for what this time????

Come on you know ….. the absurd Keystone Pipeline!!!

President Barack Obama is so, so Transparent. NO, not his Administration as he promised but which is as secretive as any. I mean personally Transparent in trying to fool us.

What these proposals are really about is providing him cover for him to deliver a plaintive statement in The White House Rose Garden (for maximum effect), surrounded by phony environmentalists in the coming weeks to tell us he is a true environmental advocate and his other actions “prove” (sic) that his “difficult” (sic) decision approving the Keystone Pipeline because it is “necessary” (sic) does not prove the opposite.

I’m here this week to do Obama a “favor” and tell him not to do it.

It won’t work Barack. Keystone is the Litmus Test that many Americans will use to finally admit to themselves you are NOT to be trusted.

There is not one legitimate reason to approve the Keystone Pipeline. There is one very powerful ILLEGITIMATE reason. To please some very powerful business interests that want all the $$$$ they will make from it and much more importantly proving who really runs the country and its not Americans who favor a clean environment.

SURPRISE! Where do you think Obama’s real allegiance is still?

I could list all the reasons I and many others have chronicled again and again about why Keystone makes no sense at all for today or the future – bringing huge amounts of the dirtiest coal on Earth to the U.S. for decades to come. If Obama was the President he wants us to believe he is, he never would have ever considered approving this pipeline.

Instead he has been setting us up since long before the last election to approve it.

So what is the single reason the most powerful of all to mention here in the briefest of all episodes of Obama’s America.. This is it. Canadians have strongly and recently rejected ever building this Keystone Pipeline within Canada to transport this dirty, dirty tar sands coal through Canada and to process it in Canada to be shipped to ports in Canada.

NO Canadians officials want anything to do with this pipeline or their own dirty coal under any circumstances except to get rid of it by pipeline, sending it to the United States.

I’m here this week to do Obama a “favor” and tell him not to do it.

It won’t work Barack. Keystone if you approve it is the Litmus Test that many Americans will use to finally admit to themselves you are NOT to be trusted.

Whoa… …. it’s after 9 P.M. (EDT) I need to get to my TV just like Barack is. NO Keystone!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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