Obama’s America – Episode 129 – Farming For Dollars Welfare For The Rich

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEWS AMERICAS, NEW YORK, NY, FRI. July 19, 2013: Believe it or not after all these weeks I am going to give Barack a week off.

To an extent… This is one problem that lies elsewhere except that Obama is not really willing to confront it. So this is one of the situations he may complain about but still does nothing to correct. Not even complain too much and upset powerful interests.

Maybe this is about Obama anyway? Let’s see later.

For now Barack you can go fly around in Air Force One or something.

This is far more about Republican hypocrisy and Democratic mendacity. So Republicans back the food stamp program for the poor while Democrats allow wealthy farmers and agri. companies billions of tax dollars to be paid for nothing except sharing the wealth with the political slush funds of members of Congress. Welfare for the rich!
It is otherwise known as the Farm Bill that gets passed and signed again and again.

After the “success” of that deal for decades the Republicans in the House who are even slimier and greedier than their Democratic colleagues, this year are trying to remove the food stamp program from the new Farm Bill while keeping all the welfare programs for the rich farmers and agri. businesses in the bill needless to say but I did say it to be sure.

Well in a very ironic way completely unintended by them the Republicans want to do something that absolutely should be done removing the food stamp program from the Farm Bill where it does not belong for any logical reason, not to kill food stamps as some Republicans want but rather to properly fund it while in tandem taking the Farm Bill minus the food stamp program and remove all the WELFARE for the rich farmer sector.

Actually this does bring us back to very ethically and intellectually challenged President Barack Obama. Time to land Air Force One and come back here to Obama’s America.

Why because Obama along with all the recalcitrant Democrats in Congress wants to continue the Faustian bargain between food stamps and the give-away of billions of tax dollars to farm interests for no good reason. They are happy with the deal. Surprise!

Why because it feeds their duplicity well. They get to complain and even cry and they only vote for the outrageous give aways in the farm bill to preserve the food stamp program.

In reality they just like the Republicans score points with the farm lobby doing so and get their share of the loot sent to their bulging campaign war chests and even though none of them have to wage campaign wars to get elected again and again and again easily.

Barack Obama who is no leader but a Status Quo junkie as everyone in America should know by now even though many don’t including weak kneed Democrats who will put up with anything as long as a Democrat is doing it, nor of course many Republicans who need to bash any Democrat in The White House no matter how much like them he may be in order to keep those Right Wing Whacko dollars flowing make it gushing their way.

It’s still 93 degrees and no air conditioning in the News Americas offices and my boss is nowhere to be seen so I’m keeping this week’s episode brief. And no need to quote The New York Times or Wall Street Journal here. The facts are clear. The Farm Bill sucks.

So Barack you got off lightly this week. Thank the oppressive heat here not there.

I probably unintentionally just gave Obama another “good” (sic) reason to approve the very dirty coal Keystone Pipeline so the U.S. can burn that coal for electricity and make it even hotter especially for me. So you see why I need to cool it for right now.

As for me I’m praying for that cooler weather for next week’s episode so Barack gets the full fair treatment and all my attention he deserves here in Obama’s America.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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