“Yvette, I’ve Got Plenty For You!”
By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 27, 2013: Last week it was lemonade . Now we’re back to Koolaid.

Allow me to introduce Congress member Yvette Clarke of Brooklyn, NY, to Obama’s America for the first time. Congratulations Yvette! I can’t think of a better place to be a member of Congress from than Brooklyn. Just kidding! Once you read this episode you will understand!

So why is Congress member Clarke here today? Because just as I was searching for this week’s subject, a press release from Yvette’s office on Wednesday about Obamacare, a favorite topic here and elsewhere, came across my desk. ( It is alright that I call her by her first name. I know Yvette and even before she was in Congress).

It seems to me Yvette did not read last week’s episode “Getting Value From Obama,” which means putting pressure on him not kissing any part of his body. I generally consider Yvette a Progressive Democrat. She needs to appreciate Barack Obama is not a Progressive President. Brack Obama is a Status Quo President who got elected fooling is that he as Progressive in very basic way. He is not. It’s as phony as his Nobel Prize.

Obamacare is just one example of why he is not, which brings me to Yvette’s press release yesterday. Allow me to quote Yvette …

“….the Affordable Care Act will provide American families with more choices and better health care at a reasonable cost,” said Representative Clarke. “I believe that future generations will remember the enactment of this law as the foundation of a civil society in which every person has a right to health care.”

“Already, the Affordable Care Act has allowed millions of Americans to visit a primary care provider every year without a co-payment, increased the percentage of health insurance premiums spent on health care services, and prohibited insurance companies from refusing to enroll people who have pre-existing conditions.”

“Representative Clarke continued: “We cannot allow the Republican majority in the House of Representatives to undermine the success of the Affordable Care Act. I will work with President Obama to encourage people in every state to enroll, to increase both the quality of our health and the length of our lives.”

So what’s wrong with that? It tells me and you Yvette thinks Obamacare is the solution to America’s health care system. It is not. Yvette drank the Koolaid as a member of the Washington Democratic elite now, not as a voice for Brooklyn.

Any statement she puts out about Obamacare should include the necessary information that Obamacare is really a gift to the health care industry that will force us all to increase the profits of the insurance companies. That Obama is not willing to stand up to powerful special interests. The insurance companies LOVE the fact that for the first time in American history the Federal government is FORCING Americans to buy a private product, and further the government will give our tax dollars directly to the insurance companies to subsidize their rates for Americans who cannot afford to pay all of it.

Once again America’s real “welfare” program at work putting public money into the hands of some of the most profitable companies in America in a health care industry who by the way also rips off Americans for tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of dollars each year in both phony and inflated costs they get reimbursed from the government under existing regulations and Medicare and Medicaid programs..

Yvette knows perfectly well we need a single payer health care system like every other “advanced” nation on Earth. And that if it that is not possible right now even thought it should have been decades ago at the very least this legislation had to include a public option but it does not. Obama got away with eliminating the public option to meet the demands of the insurance companies that he do so because supposedly Progressive Democrats like Yvette let him get away with doing so.

So we are left with the absurdity of Yvette Clarke and others in Congress promoting Obamacare as a great achievement because her #1 loyalty is now to the Washington Democratic Establishment – there is also the DC Republican Establishment of course – rather than Yvette representing the best interests of Brooklyn and all Americans.

And it gets worse here is what Yvette will never tell you but I will. The complete hypocrisy of both the Democratic and Republican Washington Establishments and working together with the same purpose to give themselves another special privilege.

Take a look at this outrage and the real Yvette Clarke among all the others ….

From The Wall Street Journal, September 22, 2013, titled …

“Carve-outs for Congress” which explains in detail how Barack Obama in league with both Democrats and Republicans in Congress gave a special deal to members of Congress and their staffs under Obamacare NOT available to any other Americans.

Turns out of course they all make too much money with their well padded Congressional salaries to qualify for subsidies to buy insurance under Obamacare so here is what happened because they were annoyed it was going to cost them something ..

“The Affordable Care Act requires the 11,000 people who work on Capitol Hill to purchase their health insurance on its exchanges, but many of them earn too much to qualify for subsidies. That’s a financial hit worth about $5,000 for individuals and $11,000 for families. So in early August President Obama’s personnel team came to the rescue with a let-the-good-times-roll regulation that entitles Members and aides to their current premium contributions, on the basis of zero legal authority.”

Let’s repeat some of this …

“So in early August President Obama’s personnel team came to the rescue with a let-the-good-times-roll regulation that entitles Members and aides to their current premium contributions, on the basis of zero legal authority.”

So in other words Obama is giving most members of Congress and their staffs most of whom are very, very well paid by us an $11,000 annual gift under Obamacare that no one else in America gets and that it is also ILLEGAL for him to do.
Shame on Barack Obama but this is what we should expect from the guy who lied to us about who he really is when he ran for President in 2008 and won on hose lies.

For Yvette it is … SHAME ON YOU YVETTE CLARKE that: 1) you are accepting special treatment, 2) that you are not fighting for a public option right now and a single payer system too, and 3) that you are praising Obamacare for being what it is not.

Brooklyn and all of America deserves better, not Obama’s America!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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