Cuban Flag
Obama Still Lording Over The Region

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Jan. 31, 2014:  Let me be very clear. This series is Obama’s America.
That does not mean for one minute the U.S. Congress is not a culprit. But our focus is Obama. This is not Boehner’s America but keep that in mind.
When we discuss Cuba, which I do periodically we have a perfect example in which Congress is just as much at fault as is Obama technically more maybe more so but that in no way frees Obama from his responsibility or that Cuba is one more pregnant example of the Barack Obama hypocrisy doctrine.

Infact, hypocrisy is The Obama Doctrine repeats endlessly – this week, in the fore in Cuba, and all over Latin America & the Caribbean.

I never tire of repeating the absurdity that there are ONLY three nations out of now more than 200 nations that have the supreme distinction of being the mortal enemies of the United States beyond all others specially classed so.

They are North Korea (in a class by itself), yes Iran of course (not that it should be) and that barbaric dangerous island that is a threat to the very existence of the United States the barbaric military super power …… Cuba!

So why are we traveling to Cuba this week in particular?
Because the leaders of every single nation in North and South America except the United States and Canada, both uninvited (and not that they would have come anyway,) were in Havana, Cuba this week.

Why? Wwhy not would be a better question but a more precise answer is that they were there symbolically to display a united front against the outrageous, outdated, colonial era U.S. policy toward Cuba that never ends.

Translated as viewing Cuba as our ultimate enemy and for more than 50 years using every imaginable tactic other than war (war too) to disable and destabilize Cuba and bring suffering to all her people.

Why? Because Cuba is not a free and open democracy like let’s see over a  hundred other nations around the world the U.S. has diplomatic and economic relations or like totalitarian China we are completely in bed with.

Again why are all these leaders throughout the America in Cuba this week?

Let me give you a more specific reason but no more important.

Cuba this week hosted the regional summit of Latin American & the Caribbean and heads of state all 33 of them, minus the U.S. and Canada.
Here is what The Financial Times said on January 28, 2014 about it.

“The summit, which started Tuesday, will send the region’s strongest signal yet to the Obama administration that it opposes US policy towards Cuba and that Washington’s regional interests have been undermined by that policy.”

“CELAC represents a clear rejection of the traditional hegemony of Washington, which has been replaced by a sense of self-confidence, and an interest in communication among all member nations, regardless of ideological differences,” said John Kirk, one of Canada’s leading academic experts on Latin America.

“It should be a wake-up call to Washington (and Ottawa, to a lesser extent) that its policy towards the region is badly in need of overhauling as quickly as possible,” he said.”

WAKE UP call indeed, except Obama and Congress like Rip Van Winkle, fell asleep a long time ago and never woke up. Anyone who doubts it should have watched Obama’s State of the Union speech Tuesday night, except it would have put you to sleep permanently like all those others.

Back to Cuba … don’t want to spend much time in Washington, D.C. No, no, no!

So why does the U.S. have diplomatic and economic relations with so many nations that like the U.S. are less than perfect and why does the U.S. not BOYCOTT them? For very, very logical reasons.

Because it brings economic benefit to the U.S. and influence in these lands and most of all if the U.S. had nothing to do with more than 100 countries as it does in Cuba and boycotted them as well the U.S. would be severely marginalized and be globally weak and give away market share that would belong to U.S. companies to those that are not.

Gee, let’s see why doesn’t that logic work for Cuba???

WHY? Because Democratic and Republican politicians feed off campaign money thrown to them by whacky ex-Cubans with money who fled to the U.S. when strong man dictator Batista was over thrown, and who DREAM of reclaiming Cuba for their own once again once they destroy Cuba.

All they care about is their War Chests not Reality or our best interests.

Our weakling President Barack Obama plays the same game while as always giving feeble Lip Service to the idea he would like to see change.

Change this …the pathetic President and Congress that are giving up influence in Cuba and making all of Latin America and the Caribbean suffer.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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