Oil and water
“Enjoy It ”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Feb. 28, 2014: Oil and water mix well if only in Obama’s America.

This week we bring you again the Keystone pipeline combined with Obama’s view of water as only you will find such deeper insights here.

Or put another way, this strange brew brings us back to President Obama’s favorite brew, his hypocrisy which is always on display.

Lets’ begin with the use of water and end with the Keystone pipeline today.

So here is an easy question. hat does Barack like almost as much as Air Force One ?

I told it was an easy question: golf of course. So where would you find – allegorically since you will never be invited to play golf with Barack – you are not important or rich enough sorry – where would you have found the Prez the long Presidents’ Day one of his favorites weekend?

For three days on some of California’s finest private golf courses. And why by chance at our expense had he to fly to California in splendor on Air Force One, never of course to play golf.?  No, no, no! Obama made the long luxurious tip to inspect the terrible drought on the West Coast and to encourage Californians and all Americans not to waste water. What a guy!

So far so good until we turn to a new member of Obama’s America very expensive media staff. Time magazine that did some investigative reporting for us so this is from Time, February 17, 2014, titled …


“President Barack Obama traveled to California on Friday to highlight the state’s drought emergency at two events near Fresno, calling for shared sacrifice to help manage the state’s worst water shortage in decades. He then spent the rest of the weekend enjoying the hospitality of some of the state’s top water hogs: desert golf courses.”

“On Saturday, Obama played at the Sunnylands estate, built by the late billionaire Walter Annenberg, which features a nine-hole course that is played like 18 holes. The following day he golfed at billionaire Oracle founder Larry Ellison’s 19-hole Porcupine Creek. On Presidents’ Day, Obama hit the links at Sunnylands once again.”

Hey, what’s the point of being President if you can’t have lots of fun!

Back to the Time article …

“The 124 golf courses in the Coachella Valley consume roughly 17% of all water there, and one-quarter of the water pumped out of the region’s at-risk groundwater aquifer, according to the Coachella Valley Water District. “

“Statewide, roughly 1% of water goes to keep golf courses green. Each of the 124 Coachella Valley courses, on average, uses nearly 1 million gallons (3.8 million L) a day because of the hot and dry climate, three to four times more water per day than the average American golf course.”

Who cares how rare is it that an African American plays any of these expensive private golf courses? Like never. Obama’s being patriotic.

Yea right! There are still some who think Obama is one of us.

Wake up time, he is one of them – The Ruling Elite.

Anyway I’m running out of time so let’s move on to the oil part of this episode and back to a favored subject the Keystone pipeline which Obama desperately wants to slip past us as good for us all and America ..

Guess what happened just this week?

The Inspector General of the State Department declared Obama’s bullshit environmental review that concluded the pipeline is fine is ok with him even though it was prepared by a firm heavily involved in the oil industry.

Here was a worthy response in an OpEd in the New York Times, 2/26/14.

It is titled “Obama’s Pipeline” written by Congressman Raul Grijalva.

Here are some telling excerpts …

“President Obama won the White House by running as an agent of change: change from Mr. Bush’s way of doing business with business, and change from Washington’s habitual corporate favoritism.”

“If the president approves the Keystone XL pipeline on the basis of the lobbying and bad science that has been offered to support it, much of his good work will be undone and a business-as-usual atmosphere will settle back on Washington like a heavy cloud. It would be a bad end to what could still be a very strong environmental legacy.”

“That’s why Keystone is about more than one pipeline. It is about establishing once and for all whether we have moved on from the disastrous Bush-Cheney view of environmental policy. President Obama’s own Environmental Protection Agency has said in no uncertain terms that the pipeline will contribute significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. That should be the end of the conversation. The fact that it isn’t — that we’re left hanging and hoping — is more than disappointing. It is a very troubling sign for the future.”

“As the news media has reported widely, the contractor chosen by the State Department to assess the pipeline’s environmental impacts violated federal conflict-of-interest rules to get the job, and nothing has been done about it. That company, Environmental Resources Management, did work for TransCanada, Keystone’s parent company, in the recent past and told the State Department the exact opposite on disclosure forms that anyone in the world can now read for herself. “

“A report on Wednesday from the State Department inspector general, which many outlets covered as though it exonerated the department and E.R.M. of wrongdoing, is actually an important example of the problem. The I.G. only looked at whether the department followed its existing process for choosing a contractor. It should have looked at whether that process produces reliable outcomes.”

“If E.R.M.’s decision that Keystone does not pose any environmental risks is allowed to stand, it will not just move Keystone closer to an unjustified approval; it will re-establish the Bush-era habit of tipping the scales in favor of corporations that want special treatment.”

Ooops look like Congressman Grijalva, Democrat of Arizona is co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus who wrote this expose about Obama’s BS environmental review and then the white wash by the State Dept. Inspector General – looks like the Congressman isn’t going to be invited to play golf with President Obama EVER. On those exclusive private water guzzling golf course or ANYWHERE else.

Why would anyone want to play golf with The Hypocrite President? Unless you are rich and powerful and don’t give a damn about burning oil or water.

Or as Macbeth’s witches would say:

“Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.”

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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