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Ferguson Police victim Michael Brown
Michael Brown Will Never Visit Martha’s Vineyard

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 15, 2014:  Martha’s Vineyard! It is so lovely in August.
St. Louis, Missouri is not; especially if you are Black.

President Obama knows the difference; that is why he is far, far away from St. Louis, vacationing in a secluded mansion on Martha’s Vineyard. The two images of bucolic Martha’s Vineyard and riots in Ferguson in St. Louis tell us what we need to know about Obama’s America.

The difference between the image and the reality in Obama’s America! Yes, there are a few African-Americans on Martha’s Vineyard like the Obamas’ and super wealthy D.C .lawyer Vernon Jordan, whose place is where the Obama’s and Clintons partied in private splendor last night on the Vineyard.

There are plenty of African-Americans in St. Louis. What did they do Wednesday night? They rioted because in their America, there is a complete absence of the luxuries of Martha’s Vineyard. Instead, they live in a world of poverty and police brutality.

I am sure Michael Brown who was killed by the police in St. Louis a few nights ago, never even heard of Maratha’s Vineyard let alone ever got close to it. Now dead, Michael Brown symbolizes one very real America and Barack Obama another. The fact that they shared skin color makes no difference. They lived in completely different Americas.

President Obama still lives in his while the St. Louis police have permanently removed Michael Brown from his very other America.  While this is all about race, it is just as much about poverty. Michael Brown would not have been living in a God forsaken place in America if he and his family were not the victims of poverty. That’s right victims! They weren’t poor and living in a desolate place because they did not want to get up every morning and go to their elite jobs and vacation homes on Martha’s Vineyard.

We live in an America filled with plenty of poverty and despair because we live in a Welfare State. A Welfare State for the Rich & Privileged! The one Barack and Michele Obama live in.

Where they are pampered and their every whim attended to by the government. And all their rich friends in the private sector benefit mightily from a tax system that favors the rich, and government programs geared to provide billions to tax relief and subsidies to the profitable companies they own and work for that they do not deserve.
None of that largesse will be found in Ferguson. Just poverty and despair!

So how has Ferguson, the place where unarmed Michael Brown was murdered this week, improved since Barack Obama has become President? Not at all! President Obama is a complete failure at decreasing poverty or even improving the economic conditions of most Americans.

Barack Obama has been very, very good for the Rich. The Richer the better! These are boom times for Wealth. Guaranteed every one of wealthy Americans who own homes on Martha’s Vineyard, some not as opulent as the mansion the Obamas’ have rented this August, still they have all done very, very well these 5 /1/2 years of the Obama Administration.

Has Obama fostered policies especially to make the rich richer? He did not have to; all he had to do was continue the Status Quo and he has. The benefits Rich Americans keep accruing and are built right into the system – Republican President or Democratic President who cares. Both sides represent One Party with two divisions – Democrats and Republicans for amusement. One is for the hard core reactionaries who want to punish the poor even more; the other for those who want to appear nicer to the poor.

It means nothing to the dead body of Michael Brown either way OR to the many thousands of African Americans who still alive in Ferguson, Missouri. Many of them are probably Democratic voters so what good is it doing for them? Are you going to argue that if the Republicans were given even more power, their lives would be worse? What would they do to make their hopeless lives more hopeless?


Take away all the third rate child care, the pathetic schools, take their meager food stamps, force them into the streets by making their rat filled apartment buildings completely unaffordable and have out of control cops kill more of them?

Will it be quiet in Ferguson tonight? Probably they will send in as many cops as it takes to get the job one. If not tonight, then tomorrow!

It is peaceful and sweet every night on Martha’s Vineyard. No riots or poverty or bully cops on Martha’s Vineyard.

That is why you will find President Obama there.

Not in Ferguson, Missouri with the dead body  of Michael Brown and all the poverty.

That is not Obama’s America!


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