Obama’s America – Episode 195 – President Of The Status Quo


Shadowy figure of Barack Obama
Shadowy figure of Barack Obama

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 24, 2014: My job week after week, for 195 consecutive weeks now,  – yes of course you will be invited to the big 200th episode party coming up next month on Thanksgiving Day –  anyway my job is to keep finding imaginative ways to expose and explore the failure of Barack Obama as President.

There are plenty like Paul Krugman making excuses for him. I am here to tell the Truth about the Obama Presidency again and again and again. Here this week let me explain carefully one easy way to understand the real Barack Obama and why he is such a fraud along with his fellow travelers in the pathetic ranks of the Democratic Party Elite the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo. They all worship at the altar of the Status Quo.

They preach CHANGE Barack Obama most of all because it sells very well. The vast majority of Americans want CHANGE because the Status Quo does not work well for them and will even less so in the future. So selling a message of CHANGE works well indeed even if it is a complete lie.

These Con Artists work the message of CHANGE with supreme aplomb especially Barack Obama the consummate political Con Artist although Hillary gives him a run for his money while Andrew Cuomo as devious as he is unfortunately for him is not all that bright.

Anyway enough of Clinton and Cuomo these commentaries are about Barack Obama and this week I turn to one particular article from my “partner” The New York Times to make my point and titled right to the point “Nation’s Confidence Ebbs at a Steady Pace.” Here we go: …

WASHINGTON — “In taking office during two overseas wars and the Great Recession, President Obama set out to restore society’s frayed faith in its public institutions, saying that the question was not whether government was too big or small, “but whether it works.” Six years later, Americans seem more dubious than ever that it really does.”


Could have fooled me and so many others who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and we thought we were voting for CHANGE not for him to restore and protect the Status Quo as this article explains, But here is the rub Obama has FAILED at protecting the Status Quo too let alone not brought CHANGE which is wonderfully ironic I hope you appreciate.

Here is more …

“With every passing week or month, it seems, some government agency or another has had a misstep or has been caught up in scandals that have deeply eroded public confidence. The Internal Revenue Service targets political groups, the Border Patrol is overwhelmed by children illegally crossing the Rio Grande, the Department of Veterans Affairs covers up poor service, and the Secret Service fails to guard the president and his White House.”

So Obama is even a failure at protecting the Status Quo and as we all know the Ebola situation is the latest example as I write about last week.

Here is The Times ….

“Now public esteem for the long-respected Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has plummeted with the arrival of Ebola on American shores. A new CBS News poll found that only 37 percent of Americans thought the centers were doing a good job, down from 60 percent last year. of Investigation, was rated well by a majority, and that by just 51 percent.”

More please ……

“The disenchantment stretches beyond individual agencies to the nation’s leadership. Heading into the last election that will directly influence his presidency, Mr. Obama remains at or near his lowest approval ratings, with his handling of various matters called into question by many voters. The only solace for him is that Congress, gripped by gridlock, is held in even lower regard, with its approval rating in single digits.”

That is worth repeating …

“Heading into the last election that will directly influence his presidency, Mr. Obama remains at or near his lowest approval ratings, with his handling of various matters called into question by many voters.”

Things are so bad for Obama, Democratic candidates beg him NOT to appear anywhere in their state. Not only that he NOT campaign for him they did not even want him in the same state for any reason at all his ratings are so low.

And I am so happy for him because Barack Obama is getting just what he deserves rejection from the a majority of Americans. Now this is not to ignore Congress is also held in contempt both Parties that is.

This from the Times article …..

“The broader trend precedes Mr. Obama and extends beyond politics, but has not improved as the president once hoped. Polling by Gallup shows that since June 2009, in the heyday of the new Obama presidency, public confidence in virtually every major institution of American life has fallen, including organized religion, the military, the Supreme Court, public schools, newspapers, Congress, television news, the police, the presidency, the medical system, the criminal justice system and small business.”

But that is the point Dear Readers with Barack Obama as President Americans opinions of virtually all American institutions has dropped. He has failed to protect the Status Quo which is what he wanted to do all along in becoming President even while he preached CHANGE. He failed twice.

Here is the likely result this November as The Times article explains ..

“To the extent that election forecasts are to be believed, Republicans seem to have gotten the better end of that argument. By most accounts, they will ride dissatisfaction with Mr. Obama to keep the House and quite possibly take control of the Senate.”

Obama’s failures are the Republicans’ gain. They are just as slimy but lucky for them Barack Obama is President. What a mess for America.

The only good news as I note again and again here with an update. This Election Day will be notable in that exactly two years after this Election Day on Election Day 2016 Barack Obama becomes completely irrelevant.

While he and Michelle will still have almost 3 additional months to fully enjoy and they will The White House and flying here there and everywhere on Air Force One come Election Day 2016, Obama becomes irrelevant!

Now here is the scary part if on Election Day 2016 …..

Barack Obama is replaced by Hillary Clinton.

All I can say is THANK GOD Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo are residents of the same time even if I wish it was not New York State, and God help us where Barack & Michelle intend to live after 2016 …

Why is it good both Clinton and  Cuomo reside in the same state  We cannot have a Clinton/Cuomo Democratic Presidential Ticket.

If they won it would be Halloween every day for 4 years. VERY SCARY!

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.