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“You Have Finally Been Good Barack!”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 19, 2014: WOW, this is a surprise even to me, not just you dear readers – a real Christmas gift for President Obama from me!.

After 202 episodes of Obama’s America, for the first time ever, I’m giving him true praise because he has done something after 6 years as President that is both very positive and out of the ordinary. And I am not certain, another Democrat who might have been President in 2014 instead of him, would have – like what’s her name!

In the entire scheme of things – as we all know there is lots of scheming –  it may not seem like such a Big Deal but it is the one piece of evidence Obama might have been the Change Master we thought we were electing way back in 2008 after he conned us into thinking he would be and was not.

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa – what am I doing? Sorry! I promised a very positive Christmas gift this week for Barack as there will be plenty of time for the other stuff for the next two years. This week it is all about Christmas and joy and gift giving!

You probably know already what this is about – President Obama’s surprising and dramatic announcement Wednesday that he is restoring full diplomatic relations with Cuba.

I did not go back and do a count but I have done a number of past episodes criticizing Obama for refusing to end the ridiculous policy of isolating Cuba and placing it in a  class of the worst enemies of the U.S. government  that includes only Iran, North Korea and Cuba – a “club” that only North Korea belongs in of these three.

Indeed the argument could be made there is nothing at all courageous about what Obama did in finally restoring diplomatic relations with Cuba yesterday but I will stay positive here as it is my Christmas gift to Barack.

Please remind me if I stray again this episode into blasting Obama. It is so, so easy to do. So Cuba… YES Cuba! Let me in fact give Barack TWO gifts for Christmas this week.

There is a best case scenario here, although very unlikely I admit. The Cuba announcement is the start of Barack Obama making use of the final two years of his Presidency to make up for all of his sins of the last 6 years in being nothing but a run of the mill Democratic Party President whose goal and job is to enhance the Democratic Elite.

Sorry! Again some more negativity is creeping into my Christmas joy but it is possible – I say possible – Obama is smart enough to realize what a Fool he has been for 6 years and that he could still become a President worthy of that title if certainly not a great President the next two years.

I should not be saying it is impossible for Obama to ever be a great President since I am straying again from the Christmas spirit of this week’s episode, so forget that.

Let me get back to Cuba and try to stay on message even if this Christmas eggnog I got from Colorado for some reason is having a weird effect on me. Maybe I should have read the label and see if they put any extra ingredients in it and why the company’s name is Santa’s High Way? Anyway …

Yes, Cuba! Even though the Whacked out Republicans along with Democrats bought and paid for by the rich former now old Cuban demagogues will try to put road blocks in Obama’s way to prevent normal relations between the U.S. and Cuba and that will be a side show. In reality, the Cuban genie is out of that bottle and they won’t be able to stuff it back in.

Cuba is now open for business and the forces of Capitalism are already gearing up to get part of this big beautiful new market called Cuba and Morons like Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez cant’ stop it.

Cuba is a very, very special island; not that the others aren’t, but Cuba is bigger and more complex and dynamic and with more potential than any place else in the Caribbean and what President Obama has finally announced  beyond diplomatic relations is far, far more to stop preventing Cuba and the Cuban people from reaching their potential. And the United States, the region and the whole world will benefit from a vibrant open Cuba.

A terrible injustice to Cubans and to ourselves is now being undone.

So I will keep this episode short – go party I have already done. I came here to do this week deliver a special Christmas gift to President Obama and I have done it. Mission accomplished.

And to all a Good Night!

  About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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