Obama’s America – Episode 214 – Standing Up To Mr. Netanyahu

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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 6, 2015:  How about re-imagining America’s relationship with Israel?

It is obviously long, long overdue, especially after watching the comic spectacle that took place in Congress of the Dancing Seals, aka members of U.S. Congress, who were  performing for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after being instructed on what they must not do in the Middle East to keep BiBi happy.

If you did not see this spectacle go on YouTube and elsewhere and take a look. The Prime Minster of Israel lecturing the President of the United States and Congress. You don’t see this kind of absurd comedy every day.

Granted Congress is Comical all the time but typically not on this scale. Jumping up and down repeatedly in wild applaud for a foreign leader lambasting America and its President in derogatory excess.

This is certainly about Barack Obama – the target of Netanyahu’s attack – but yet again we present way beyond the way the main street media does. Welcome again to a new episode of Obama’s America, where we tell the Truth.

What Netanyahu’s speech should be is America’s wake up call.

What Obama has done is ever so meekly challenged Netanyahu and his Israeli government when he should but never will take Netanyahu on directly proclaiming a bold new U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

It is time we had a balanced Middle East foreign policy and not jump through hoops for anything a right wing Israeli government desires of the U.S. And stop this nonsense about Israel being America’s best friend in the world. It has become an abusive one sided relationship.

The Iran situation proves it better than anything else.

Lots of informed voices are saying the same thing. What Netanyahu wants is to goad the United States into going to war with Iran. Not only won’t it serve U.S. interests even beyond the deaths of American men and women, and the huge financial costs of war with Iran. It will completely destroy any American credibility in the Middle East while insuring exactly what Netanyahu says he most does not want a nuclear Iran.

This is pure insanity and what is the response of the U.S. Congress – standing and cheering Benjamin Netanyahu like he was a rock star at a concert.

And if Netanyahu thinks he can draw the U.S. into such a destructive war if his corrupt persuasion does not work by Israel bombing Iran and expecting the U.S. to come to Israeli’s rescue to finish the job and even threaten to invade Iran for attacking Israel he should think again.

President Obama should warn Netanyahu and his government in no uncertain terms if Israel attacks Iran the U.S. will not respond militarily. That Israel has no right at all to attack anyone with the expectation the U.S. will put its young people’s lives and American resources at risk.

That those days are over. The U.S. will only come to Israel’s rescue if and when it is attacked without provocation on Israel’s part.

Further to the new U.S. Middle East Doctrine ….

That the U.S. places improving relations with Iran as top priority and clearly stating that as Iran becomes more open and democratic our interest is in full diplomatic relations leading to an even closer partnership with Iran as developments warrant and based on Iran never building nuclear weapons.

That Israel must finally admit to its own huge nuclear arsenal. Allow full inspection of Israeli’s nuclear weapons facilities, and Israel must join the join the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and give up its nuclear arsenal.

That the U.S. will nor abide any nation in the Middle East having nukes.

That any and all Middle East nations all of them starting with Saudi Arabia that are ruled by un-elected dictatorial regimes are not allies of the U.S. but rather regimes we may tolerate to the extent necessary as we support those who work to bring freedom and democracy to the Middle East.

That the U.S. will continue to decrease any dependence on Middle East oil.

That just as Israel  has a right to a free independent state so do the Palestinians, and no longer will Israeli policy or actions toward the Palestinians dictate American policy or support for a free Palestine and an adequate life for all Palestinians who do not practice terrorism.

Finally that the United States firmly believes in the potential of a vibrant, influential, prosperous Middle East based on principles of equality, freedom, opportunity and democracy for all.

Take that Netanyahu!

Sadly President Obama will never deliver this message. He is too weak.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.