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“I like being a lame duck”

By  Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Mar. 27. 2015:  I thought it was a good time to let Obama know how much time he has left as President so he can prepare.

Depending on how you look at it it is a lot of time or only a little.

I could describe the time in other ways that would have important meaning for him. Two more luxurious Hawaii Christmas vacations as President. Two more luxurious Martha’s Vineyard summer vacations as President.

From those perspectives it doesn’t seem long at all.

Obama might prefer another measures. Hundreds of more trips on Air Force One, and 50-100 more rounds of golf in the most exclusive golf clubs in America, What else can I add a dozen or more maybe two dozen maybe even more international trips with plenty of private time for fun.

If you look at those 666 days in the way President Obama enjoys he has plenty of time left to enjoy himself as President and guaranteed he will.

Sorry I forgot very important dozens of exclusive $30,000+ per person fund raising dinners at the homes of the very rich and powerful. In fact next year to “support” Democrats running for office he will probably have a record number of dinners with more and more free time on his hands to combine fine dining with a few days of golf at the nearest exclusive golf club.

Those elegant dinners are ever more important to Obama with each passing day. Lots of his attention will be focused on his POST-Presidency for himself, Michelle and their two daughters. Think of it as a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter to come. It won’t be easy for the Barack & Michelle Obama Foundation to match the Billions Bill & Hillary Clinton have raised for themselves and Chelsea from Fat Cats and foreign despots for the Clinton Foundation. The Obamas have a lot of catching up to do.

So what else will President Obama do for the next 666 days.

It is rather predictable. He will moan on and on mostly far away from Washington so he has more excuses to ride his Presidential Flying Chariot Air Force One and rant and rave about inequality in America and do nothing about it. Just as he hasn’t all his days as President up to today.

Many of these “inequality trips” by sheer chance will often be on Fridays and to places across America with very good weather for .. you know ..

PLAYING GOLF all weekend !

We will also see and hear President Obama regularly identifying himself with the vast majority of African Americans a recent interest of his now that he is beginning to worry about his legacy and especially among Africana Americans without their enthusiasm for the 8 years of Obama he will be severely handicapped writing his memoirs and building his library to have people believe he was a “great” President.

SORRY Black America that does not mean Barack Obama is going to do  any more for you these last 666 days than he did than he has so far. No it will still be the same refrain he is “concerned” (sic) about all Americans no matter the color of their skin. SORRY everybody. You get nothing too.

I will admit there is some small hope in the international arena. After years of Benjamin Netanyahu rhetorically pissing on Obama our President may be serious about being fair to the Palestinians too these last 66 days. We’ll see.

Iran may be the one truly bright spot these last 666 days if Obama proves strong enough to make deal with Iran which is in America’s best interest to do so. And if he withstands Saudi Arabia and Israel using every trick in the book to try and sabotage those negotiations. We’ll see.

Back home. That ridiculous body we call the U.S. Congress or if you prefer as I do a third rate circus by another name will try and work more of their right wing lunacy we must hope Obama has some backbone for 666 days.

And yes there is Hillary who deserves a star role on The Walking Dead. Will Obama bend over for Hillary these last 666 days and sing her praises whenever the Clintons order him to do so which they will only do rarely.

But all of this stuff is for other episodes of Obama’s America,

The purpose of this week’s episode is to remind Barack just 666 more days.


About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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