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“Hey Suckers Come Kiss My ….”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. April 3, 2015: I don’t take joy in being right so often. Even if it makes Obama’s America so worthwhile to read. I tried to tell Obama not to got to Saudi Arabia a few weeks ago and kiss the Saudi despot’s ass but he did it anyway.

Well I am going to try again.

Not for Obama’s sake but for the rest of us. America desperately needs a new MIDDLE EAST DOCTRINE. Obama is doing better than he has in the past try to make peace with Iran and telling Netanyahu to take a hike but that is not a comprehensive Middle East policy that makes a break with the past.

The fact is President Obama and his Administration is still strongly supporting all the Saudi despots and that has not changed at all. With the exception of Iran and Israel which are two flawed democracies ALL the other Middle East countries are run by strong men, dictators who suppress their people and the United States calls them allies and happily gives and  sells them all  the weapons they use to control their own people.

Terrorist are terrorists. Period. but I don’t care how many stories there are of better off Arabs running off and joining the many different terrorist groups in the Middle East the fact is the true breeding ground are these countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, Egypt, Jordon, etc. where the ruling class and the dictators suppress their people and keep most of them in poverty and helplessness while they steal the natural resources for themselves. This is the perfect environment for terrorists.

The fact that the United States under Obama like his predecessors back these goons just further undermines Obama’s credibility. I know the justification is they are our “friends” they support the U.S. Da of course they do because our power and weapons play a pivotal role in keeping them in power.

Wonder why the U.S. government is so hated in the region. But there is even more going on here; why do we lose sight of the fact there are two MAJOR division among Muslims in the Middle East Sunni and Shia? So that just stokes the situation more. And puts the U.S, at risk  in these conflicts.

The U.S. has to stop acting like a colonial power in the Middle East. We need a new doctrine that we will no longer back dictators. What are they going to do, stop selling America their oil? First of all the U.S. is getting closer to energy independence but more to the point of course they are going to sell the U.S. oil. The idea they won’t sell oil to countries that don’t kiss their ass is ridiculous. They need the money to keep suppressing their people and living the very, very, very good life themselves.

So what is the new Middle East doctrine we need? That the U.S. is going to stop facilitating the violence in the Middle East by our support of despots. Time to cut them lose let them fend for themselves. We need to do what is best for U.S. and for long term peace and stability in the region. We need to rigorously become un-dependent on Middle East oil. We need to make a deal with Iran so that they become ever more open and democratic and that will give the Middle East dictators big problems so they will have to change.

We need to do what Obama is unwilling to do so far.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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