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Who cares about two dead guys?

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. May 4, 2015: A week ago was the BIG event of the year in D.C. for the Elites. It is when a few thousand of them pack tightly into a huge ballroom in the nation’s capital for The White House Correspondence Dinner.

Who are The White House correspondents ? Who knows? who cares?

The only important issue is that the DC Elite have ruled this is the BIG dinner of the year.

It is not your business to know or care why.

The important point is IF you are not there you are NO body.

President Obama and Michelle are ALWAYS there. They are the King & Queen of the Elites right now and for just one more of these dinners. In 2017 at this BIG dinner there will be a new King & Queen reigning over it.

If someone is wondering how do I know Obama is a King that is easy! There is the best test of all. Only Kings and in fact only the most powerful Kings are allowed to kill anyone they like and suffer no consequences. Whether it was coincidence or carefully timed to reaffirm Obama as the King for the BIG dinner. On Thursday President aka King Obama announced two hostages – one an American the other Italian – were killed by mistake in recent drone attack ordered by him. The King said he was sorry.

The estimates are over 700 civilians have been killed in drone attacks Obama has ordered since becoming President. It’s collateral damage. Sorry.

Enough on that subject Obama had more pressing business practicing his jokes for the BIG dinner. That is serious business. The President/King is THE ultimate entertainment for the evening. No one leaves before the President’s skit. No one there one is that stupid. Not with the power he has !

Which brings us to Baltimore. Not far at all from DC. Yet very far. And to Ferguson and Staten Island and so many other places across the USA.

How can there be such a disconnect between Obama and the Elites partying in DC and taking care of each other very well, and so many other places? What’s that you say? That is just the way life is  here, there and everywhere?

And anyway far worse many places outside of the United States. Tell that to Michael Brown. Freddy Gray, Eric Garner and many other African Americans in Black ghettos. I’M SORRY you can’t.

They are Dead because they were Killed. Not by drones but by cops.

Thy had to miss The White House Correspondence Dinner.

They were not able to get out of their graves.

There wouldn’t have been enough room for them anyway.

Besides why would anyone invite them? They are NO body.

That is why this week’s episode of Obama’s America is so brief.

Because there is no good way to explain this state of affairs.

Only lots of bad ones. Here in Obama’s America Where life for most African Americans has not improved at all.

For many it has become worse.

Since Barack Obama became President.

Ask Michael Brown or Freddy Gray.

Sorry you can’t; they’re Dead.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 


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