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By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 15, 2015: Lucky Chicago.

Chicago has won the sweepstakes to host the Barack Obama Presidential Library. It was not much of a competition. The other contenders were Columbia University in Upper Manhattan where it would have been dwarfed by that massive university complex and far from the center of power and wealthy considerably south of the college in Mid Manhattan.

Yes believe it or not the other contender (sic) was Hawaii. Fat chance! But Hawaii will not be forgotten it will get some kind of satellite facility since we can expect Former President Obama will be there frequently in his retirement for plenty of vacations exhausted from all the Dough he will collect as a former President who served his masters well.

Yes the Super Rich should be very, very happy with Barack they will all be far wealthier after 8 years of Barack Obama as President. No he did not do anything in particular to increase their wealth. He did what was expected of him nothing that decreased their wealth. All they want from a President.

Now back to Chicago and the library.

I am here this week to offer President Obama my advice in this all important subject to him especially beginning January 20, 2017. First let me turn to my media partner The Wall Street Journal who I often neglect in favor of the New York Times, for some useful context.

The Journal’s well titled article this week dated 5/12/15, “Obama Library Will Be in Chicago.” ….

“The Barack Obama Foundation still has to decide on a final site, saying it will choose between land in Washington and Jackson parks in the coming months. Plans call for the library to be part of a larger facility known as the Barack Obama Presidential Center, which will include the library, a museum and offices, and activity space.”

Library my ass that will be just one part of the far more ambitious Big Ego project the Barack Obama Presidential Center. Do not forget for a moment Obama’s challenge here. It is not going to be easy for him and Michelle – yes she will have space too – to equal let along top the Clinton Foundation complex in Arkansas a massive facility that employs thousands.

As I have noted previously this is going to be a battle royal between the Clintons and Obamas waged through their foundations and the huge buildings erected to house them. If Hillary God forbids is elected President game over. The Obamas’ will never top the combined fire power of the Foundation of TWO Presidents in one family. Also thank God I hope it is impossible Michelle will ever be President.

Let me explain something else to the naïve if any of my readers are I hope not after 224 episodes. The Presidential Foundations and Libraries are a front and a cover just like drug dealers and others maintain. In this case of Ex-Presidents it is all legal of course The Libraries and Foundations allow Ex-Presidents to hype their Presidencies and be exemplary humanitarians while they conduct their other business getting RICH on absurd speaking fees, serving on corporate boards, very special investment opportunities, etc..

Back to The Wall Street Journal article …

“The Barack Obama Foundation still has to decide on a final site, saying it will choose between land in Washington and Jackson parks in the coming months. Plans call for the library to be part of a larger facility known as the Barack Obama Presidential Center, which will include the library, a museum and offices, and activity space.”

“While Chicago was the leader from the start, the plan to use parkland drew criticism, raising concerns the city would lose out. But elected officials, including Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who served as Mr. Obama’s first chief of staff in the White House, took steps to make the public land available, and in the end the Obamas’ deep ties to the city won out.”

Yes any obstacles can be overcome with the right friends.

Why was it important to commandeer public park land. Hello. Parks are OPEN spaces. Building there will create a structure that will stand alone, be very, very visible and not be overwhelmed by surrounding buildings. Remember the Barack Obama Center & Library will be Barack Obama’s permanent MONUMENT for generations to come even hundreds or thousands of years if the human race survives that long. Or even if it doesn’t, for aliens from other universes to discover and learn about Barack Obama.

All of which FINALLY brings me to my purpose with this week’s episode of Obama’s America. I know what President Barack Obama must build!

A PYRAMID of course!

Isn’t it obvious to anyone? What Obama can do with his center and library that no other President has done; not even Bill Clinton was this bold. What is the most profound type of monument in all of human history that rulers have built for themselves as the ultimate manifestation of themselves?

A PYRAMID of course!.

Sure some of you will say before giving it some thought as might Barack – are you kidding a  PYRAMID? YES a pyramid. All it requires is a proper explanation to make all the sense in the world. First of all Pharaohs have gotten a bad rap. Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced societies that have existed. Yes you can let yourself get diverted by slave labor and authoritarian rule and audacious wealth when talking about Pharaohs.

The fact is the Pharaohs put a lot of people to work building their Pyramids, and the vast majority of Egyptians worshipped their Pharaohs. Without the Pharaohs and most of all their PYRAMIDS ancient Egypt and all those famous Pharaohs like Tutankhamen would be long forgotten by now.

By the way I don’t want to forget Michelle in all this. Since her “library” will be housed there too she can bask in the glory of Egypt’s Cleopatra.

If all this was not reason enough for Obama to build a pyramid in Chicago there is more much more. You don’t even have to go look at a U.S. dollar bill to know what is so visible on the other side. A Pyramid!

The Founding Fathers put the PYRAMID on the dollar bill as a tribute to the Egyptians and the Pharaohs as a model for the United States as a symbol of strength and duration. They loved the Pharaohs!

Are you ready for this it is an “unfinished” pyramid another symbol that the U.S. must continue to grow until it merits a full finished pyramid. Well Barack Obama can complete the pyramid by building his Presidential Library as a pyramid! No other President before him has even considered doing so. What about the eye in the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill?

There is a lot of speculation about the big eye at the top of the pyramid. I am going to solve that mystery right here. I say the eye in the incomplete pyramid was the way the Founding Fathers symbolized they were looking for someone to complete the U.S. pyramid like Barack Obama. And the Pharaohs if you want to be politically correct were likely Black too.

The Founding Fathers are looking Barack Obama if he will just listen.

What more need be said or written? Nothing at all.

I hope by now you and most of all President Barack Obama is convinced to build a pyramid in Chicago to house his center, his foundation and library.

I can’t wait until January 20, 2017, so Barack can begin building it.

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas. 

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