Give it back Obama!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, MIAMI, FL, Fri. May 29, 2015: President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is a gift …. that never stops exposing Obama’s hypocrisy in so, so many different ways.

The latest example just this week was when Obama used America’s absolute veto power in the United Nations to prevent a UN conference for a nuclear FREE Middle East. I must be joking; how could that be?

Of course it’s true. I’m talking about Barack Obama. That’s right; the same Barack Obama who is so insistent on making sure that Iran cannot get nuclear weapons KOed a conference proposed by Middle East nations and supported by virtually every UN member nation about insuring the Middle East is completely nuclear free. A very, very useful conference.

Guess who immediately picked up the phone to personally call both President Obama then Secretary of State John Kerry to THANK them for squashing a conference for a nuclear FREE Middle East …

None other than Obama’s fellow hypocrite Benjamin Netanyahu. Who, when it comes to hypocrisy may in fact leave Obama in the dust.

You know the answer to the next question but I am going to ask it anyway because it never gets old. Wwhy would Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu who wants the U.S. to bomb Iran back to the Stone Age just for thinking about anything vaguely nuclear – why oh why would Netanyahu use all his Israeli political muscle to insure weak kneed Barack Obama stopped a conference about a nuclear weapon FREE Middle East? Why?

Because as everyone knows, the biggest most dangerous Dirty Secret on Earth is that Israel has the world’s fourth or is it the third largest nuclear arsenal on this planet?
But why would President Obama who has a supposed reputation for standing up to Netanyahu and Israeli’s right wing government NOT see this as a wonderful opportunity to advance a nuclear weapon FREE Middle East making it impossible for Israel to continue to lie about its long standing and huge nuclear weapons arsenal while also putting more pressure on Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Middle East kingdoms NOT to develop nukes?

What of course Obama has done is insure just what he says he opposes nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Why would the rest of the Middle East allow the U.S. to demand they never develop nuclear weapons while he makes it clear the U.S. has no problem with Israel having a huge nuclear weapon arsenal. Is that how Obama builds U.S. credibility and influence in the Middle East proving that one Middle East country gets treated very, very differently than all the rest? Is that U.S. leadership?

All this does is highlight the complete lack of a coherent or useful U.S. policy toward and for the Middle East. When we look at the level of chaos in the Middle East and the success of jihadists of all stripes we are looking at U.S. failure in that region.  President Obama has done his part “well” to create perfect conditions for terrorists to gain support and recruit the troops and fire power they need to wreck havoc all over the Middle Est.

Thanks for nothing Obama. Wear your Nobel Peace Prize in SHAME.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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