“Yes, I’m A Worthless Saudi Goon!”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 17, 2015: It’s not my job.

It’s not the normal purpose of Obama’s America.

But yes there are very rare occasions when Barack Obama must be defended against those who are so pathetic they make President Obama look good.

This is sure one of those rare instances – the agreement with Iran.

The opponents represent everything wrong in America and the world. Those opposing the agreement a motley crew of hypocrites and far worse. While I am defending Obama here keep it in perspective it is Obama’s insufferable WEAKNESS that still has him groveling in front of this menagerie of punks trying to placate them rather than giving them a  knockout punch.

So I will have to do it for him for which Obama will not thank me.

Where to begin so many choices! Why not? The goons who control Saudi Arabia an easy target. There is absolutely no secret why they want to kill the new Iran agreement. They have one all consuming goal to destroy Iran.

Why would these Arabian cut throats aka the incestuous cancerous Saud Family of murderous thieves want to destroy Iran no matter how cooperative they are? In fact, even more, if they want to make peace with the U.S. and the world? Not for any claimed “religious” reasons as though religion was anything but a convenient weapon for the Saud family to maintain its power.

The Saudi rulers fear of Iran goes deeper. They understand that Iran is on the verge of becoming a more inclusive open free democratic Arab state whose youthful and educated citizenry have the potential of becoming real allies even supportive partners of the United States.

Nothing, nothing is more of a threat to the Saudi dictators than their own people seeing an ever wider contrast between an enlightened Iran and an oppressive Saudi Arabia. That is the ultimate threat to their control.

The fact is this agreement meets every reasonable requirement to control Iran’s nuclear program. But the scam is opposition to Iran in the Arab world and elsewhere we will get to Israel in a moment – this opposition had nothing to do with fear of an Iran nuclear program the word “nuclear” is the all purpose word that is guaranteed to produce the desired results to label Iran a dangerous and evil nation while keeping the heat off the Sauds.

And it has worked well for a long time keeping the U.S. “happy” to support the dictators in Riyadh. Because they were a defense against Iran! When the Arab dictators are no longer needed as a defense against Iran exactly what is their value and the logic of the United States arming and working with a bunch of primitive billionaires goons. Their oil!

Not anymore.

We really don’t need the Saud oil an more and we will need it even far less if the Iranian oil fields are back in working order and pumping millions of gallons of crude every day that they have not for a very long time while America did Saudi Arabia’s bidding slamming Iran with sanctions.

Now let’s segue to Israel with a new source here today which describes itself as “an independent, non-profit, business resource and wire service covering Jewish news and Israel news for Jewish media throughout the English-speaking world.”

This is from their March 6, 2015 issue and clearly shows how Saudi Arabia and the right wing Israel government of Benjamin Netanyahu are true partners in their hatred of Iran. The headline of the story …“Saudi media support Netanyahu’s Congress speech on Iran.”

SURPRISE? Not! This article states: “the editor-in-chief of the Saudi-owned Dubai-based news outlet Al-Arabiya, stated that Netanyahu’s Congress speech “hit the nail right on the head” in his assessment of the Iranian threats in the Middle East. Abbas wrote that Netanyahu “managed to accurately summarize a clear and present danger, not just to Israel (which obviously is his concern), but to other U.S. allies in the region.” The editor also slammed Obama, calling the U.S. president “the only stakeholder that seems not to realize the danger of the [Iranian nuclear] situation.”

Perfect (sic) I proclaim here with total sarcasm which brings us right to Netanyahu. I wish there were a Nobel Award for Hypocrisy Benjamin Netanyahu would win easily year after year. If anyone can top the Saud Family for their disingenuous attitude toward Iran it is Big Ben a small man.

Why would Israel the nation with the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth fear the Iranian nuclear program? It doesn’t; it is one giant con job to insure the Status Quo of turmoil in the Middle East and Amrican hatred of Iran stays in place because this dismal state of affairs serves right wing Palestinian hating Israelis very well.

Israel is flourishing in this hateful environment the last ting non-leaders like Netanyahu want to see is a prosperous peaceful Arab world in which Israel has no choice but learn to live with and cooperate with its neighbors and fear of all fear of where Israel must accept an independent Palestinian state with control of its on fate.

The only thing that is worse is a fair open American policy in  the Middle East where Israel’s demand get only equal attention with other legitimate Middle East nations. Can you imagine fairness in the Middle East? Wow!

Maybe it is not surprising Netanyahu’s most recent rants in the wake of the Iranian agreement seem to be the ravings of someone mentally ill.

Yes, indeed the Saudi-Israeli anti-Iran partnership from Hell.

Now we can finally turn to the best part of this episode the Republican led opposition to Obama’s agreement with Iran. Could it be any more irrational or politically driven. I don’t think so. These Republicans and selected other so called “friends” of Saudi Arabia and Israel were guaranteed to viciously oppose any agreement with Iran no matter what the terms. If every Iranian had agreed to kill themselves as a term of the agreement these hate mongers would have opposed the deal because the Iranians were not going to kill themselves fast enough or in a gruesome enough way.

There are so many of these clowns to choose from as an example it is hard to choose one but Wisconsin governor Scott Walker will do a low life with ‘distinction’ who is running to become President of the United States. God have mercy on the rest of us.

Here is Scott Walker’s” thoughtful” response to the Iran agreement …

“I will terminate that deal. I will put in place crippling economic sanctions on Iran, and I will convince our allies to do the same.” This Jerk speaks for most Republicans with his mindless comment.

You tell ‘em Scott. And then you’ll bomb the crap out of Iran too.

What is their foreign policy? They don’t have one. They have an appeal to the most brain dead right wing voters in America policy. They have a what can I say that will get me the most campaign cash from the most regressive old white rich guys in America policy.

As for Obama I don’t want to get carried away defending this normally feckless President. How will Barack be spending his Friday? Meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister at The White House begging the Saudis not too criticize him too much and offering them lots of goodies pledging never ending support for these goons to make amends for his Iran agreement.

What a sad state of affairs!