Obama’s America – Episode #234 – Obama On Broadway

President Obama Leaving Broadway Thea

President Obama Leaving Broadway Thea

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. July 24, 2015: President Obama is on his way to Kenya as I write and he is expected to disappoint most Kenyans by not visiting his father’s home or grave. Unless he plans a secret trip there I am not at all surprised by his refusal.

Obama’s so called autobiography “Dreams From My Father” was a fantasy in which the young Barack painted a word picture of his father he knew was not true but writing his version played well for his political aspirations.

Sort of like father like son. Hs father conned him so Barack conned us. Unfortunately in many more ways than just his first book it turns out.

The book would not have had the right tone if he had presented his father as a worthless con artist who married his mother under very false pretenses turns out he was very married already and with children when he decided to practice polygamy without telling his new wife. Obama’s father then dumped both of them when he found a better deal in some college far away.

Instead, we are presented a more whimsical version of Barack’s long gone father in which he just disappears for some unexplained reason and in which Obama never reveals his father existing marriage and family to us, and that his father completely deceived his mother as means of marrying her.

Surprise no this episode of Obama’s America is not about Obama’s Kenyan trip that is simply a timely introduction. This episode is about President Obama’s deception closer to home and very recent ….

His trip to Broadway this past Saturday with daughters Malia and Sasha.

President Obama took his daughters to see the rave smash hit hip hop musical newly arrived in Broadway “Hamilton” by Lin Manuel Miranda. It was a logical choice for Obama on his bonding weekend with his daughters and without Michelle this past weekend in New York City.

“Hamilton” is the talk of the entertainment world and the sale of tickets is outstripping anything ever seen on Broadway even including easily “The Book of Mormon” the reigning hit musical until “Hamilton” came along. Observers who had been flabbergasted when a play about Mormons did so well found it beyond belief that a play about an American Founding Father is going to be even more popular and win even far more awards.

That is the point Miranda’s play proves how compelling Alexander Hamilton’s life was and how he is being very, very successfully presented as a complex hero for the 21st century and in a play that will gain Hamilton more attention than since his death over 200 years ago in 1804 – indeed here in the 21st century gain Hamilton more attention and admiration than he had ever gotten in his life here in our age of electronic media and the Internet. And having young Americans embrace Alexander Hamilton as their own!

So what is the problem? I already wrote about it a few episodes ago but this is worth visiting again in the context of and in the wake of Obama’s visit to Broadway to see the play “Hamilton.”

It raises President Obama’s hypocrisy to a new level of pathos.

In fact let’s briefly revisit episode # 231. Read this ….

“Let me be very precise Obama is LYING again. What about this time? Our
U.S. currency of all things!”

“This is straight from his Press Secretary which means it is from Obama …”

“The reason that the Treasury Department has selected the $10 bill is the $10
bill is currently the one that is under review by the appropriate authorities for
upgraded redesign for security purposes,” White House Press Secretary Josh
Earnest said when asked if Obama had a view on the controversy.”

“And that is why the discussion is happening in the context of the $10 bill.”

“Liar, Liar White House on Fire!”

“Now read why the Obama Administration REALLY made the outrageous
decision to remove the Hamilton $10 and NOT the Jackson $20. It is not a
pretty picture rather it pictures our Duplicitous President in action.”

End of excerpt. You can g back and read the entire episode if you like.

As I go on to explain a few weeks ago the fact is the millions of bank cash machines only dispense $20s not $10s and by choosing to eliminate the Hamilton $10 and not the Jackson $20 President Obama saves the bank industry a nice chunk of money he can be expected to be rewarded for later.

This week, a few weeks after that episode comes, Obama’s trip to Broadway.

Here is what happened …

Standing outside of the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Saturday afternoon I wondered what President Obama told his daughters Malia and Sasha who accompanied him on Saturday to see “HAMILTON.”

For sure they were impressed with this presentation of Alexander Hamilton in a format that readily appealed to them as 21st century African American teenagers.

I kept wondering if they are savvy enough to have asked their father as they left the theatre Saturday afternoon in the Presidential limousine about Hamilton & Jackson.

DAD I don’t understand WHY you are eliminating the Hamilton $10 rather than the Jackson $20. DAD did you see the same play we just did about Hamilton?

DAD are you telling us you don’t know Andrew Jackson was the President who owned the most slaves ever?

DAD don’t you know in his will Jackson did not even free his slaves that he gave them to his family and in his will sold some of them for cash?

DAD don’t you know how Jackson destroyed the lives of so many Native Americans?

DAD are you going to embarrass us by keeping the Jackson $20 and eliminating the Hamilton $10?

HOW can you possibly do that DAD!

DAD please keep the Hamilton $10!

In this fantasy scenario Barack Obama would LIE to his daughters just as he LIED to the American people as to why he is dumping the Hamilton $10.

To emphasize the point Obama’s press secretary was asked on Monday had the President changed his mind about the Hamilton $10 after seeing the play. SURPRISE … the answer was NO.

Of course the answer was NO from our cynical duplicitous President who does not care about Hamilton but about the banking industry when he can serve their needs in such a simple way and which the clueless media is allowing him to get away with not telling the truth but repeating lies instead.

From Obama’s youthful autobiography to The White House ….

Barack Obama is playing the same game on us.