“I Saw A Great Light!"


“I Saw A Great Light!”

By Arthur Piccolo

 News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 7, 2015: O my God!

Is it possible?

O my God!!!

Has all my work these last 235 past weeks not been in vain?

Is it a MIRACLE?

Am I REALLY saying and thinking this?

Could it be Medical Marijuana is making me crazy?

No I don’t even know where to get any (anymore anyway)

So I might as well say it …

Is it possible …


Yes, it may be possible to be saved and Obama may be proving it.

I am NOT making any final decision here in this episode but I am going to address the possibility there is finally a NEW President Obama.

It is plausible and it can be explained logically. After largely being a Loser for the first 6 years of his Presidency, as the End nears and his looming retirement is drawing near, it is just possible Barack looked in the mirror and said to himself: WHAT A JERK I HAVE BEEN …

Do I want to go into history as a LOSER?  Maybe he has even been reading Obama’s America and that did it. In fact that is probably it!

There is no one thing that has brought me to this conclusion but listening to his speech on Wednesday August 6th at George Washington University, explaining the logic of the Iran deal and attacking the idiots who oppose it. That may have been the moment when I realized the change.

Likewise, his strong statement on the environment this week. President Obama may have decided he can have his cake and eat it too – meaning he  and Michelle can both collect the Big Bucks once they are free of The White House and not have to completely grovel before power to do so.

Or it might even be more radical than that. Maybe he has decided not to be concerned about becoming a SUPER rich X-President; that having a real legacy is more important than the money he might not get for disappointing some of the very rich and very powerful. It’s possible.

All this brings us back to the very reason Obama’s America exists at all in answer to the fact that President Obama proved to be a complete FRAUD in terms of the promise he offered as a Presidential candidate back in 2008. It was all BS. Once he won he became just the newest bland President.

So what IF what I am seeing is true and not an illusion I must admit it might be even  as soon as next episode and beg forgiveness for my weakness.

What more might we expect from the REBORN Barack Obama?

I certainly have some advice to offer.

Talking about frauds – the next think he should do is denounce the biggest fraud in the entire Democratic Party maybe the least qualified person on Earth to be President – the one and only Hillary Clinton – who is even more pathetic when you combine her with Bill Clinton, another Con Man.

That’s right Barack, stand up and tell everyone you will never support Hillary Clinton for President or vote for her and that she should drop out.

After that, he should tell Benjamin Netanyahu to take a hike; that he is sick and tired of right wing Israeli fanatics threatening the U.S. if we do not do anything and everything Netanyahu demands in his warped mind.

Back on the domestic front, Obama should tell the Truth about ObamaCare; that it a gift to the medical industry; that he was wrong to push that scheme and that what America really needs is single payer health care just like all the other civilized nations that know medical care is a right not a privilege.

Back to the Middle East! The NEW Obama should tell the Saudi goons who control that nation, that the U.S. is no longer going to support their repressive regime like the other Middle East dictatorships we call monarchies.

Speaking of monarchies, this reborn President Obama should tell the British people to grow up and stop supporting those welfare cheats aka the Royal Family old Betsy Windsor and her idiot “royal” (sic) family.

I have a very long list to offer the NEW President Obama but I don’t want to get carried away let’s wait until next week and make sure this is for real.

That I am not just having hallucinations! Is it possible?

About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.