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“Just Do It Joe”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Aug. 14, 2015: Well here is an easy chance for President Obama to do some good.
Tell Joe Biden to RUN for President.

There is no doubt Biden is so close to saying YES. Time for Obama to make sure he does. I have no idea if he can win. But Bernie Sanders certainly can’t and the Clintons must be STOPPED.

There is only one person more pathetic than Donald Trump running for President and it is Hillary made worse with Slick Willie at her side.

Democrats need to insert some ENERGY into the race. Joe Biden will do so. Yes he will have to run with the Obama “legacy” but that is preferable to the alternatives. And all of those brain dead Republicans.

How is it possible Con Man Donald Trump is so far ahead in the Republican field? Because he exposes the complete bankruptcy of the Republican Party! The idea that a pure huckster is enthralling Republicans says volumes about what Republican voters think of their own party.

Just imagining Trump as President of the United States is a disgusting idea that should have every American throwing up. In fact this clown would be dangerous as President. Being President would be tantamount to giving him an endlessly valuable candy store for him to take care of himself.

This fool who fancies himself smarter than anyone will be ripped apart by the world leaders he contends he will so effectively deal with. The basis of Trump’s “success” which is mostly fabricated by him is based on the classic skills of the con man to convince others he is doing something for them while he is taking care of himself ripping others off.

The fact the other candidates can’t overcome him no matter how outrageous he is prove how worthless all of them are.  I have to stop writing about Trump here before I vomit but I must admit Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would make the perfect Presidential ticket in HELL.

Sorry Joe, let me get back to you and Barack.

Why would Obama not urge Joe Biden to run for President? I can’t think of even one reason but there is no evidence he is. Except maybe fear of Hillary! Which is not to be casually dismissed!


You do not want to have the Clintons targeting you even if you are President.  Those two sewer dwells can be real mean. Fairness and ethics are dirty words to them.

As for Obama maybe he’s been reading The New York Times. While they sometimes make a good partner for Obama’s America they spend a lot more time glorifying Hillary Clinton as her “official” campaign newspaper.

They reached a new low with a ridiculous op-ed piece they had the audacity to run as a front page news story last week “explaining” (sic) to Joe Biden why he had better not run for President. Let me get a copy for laughs.

The Clinton campaign should be forced to pay for this nonsense as a political ad on the front page of The Times. It starts with the title ..


Really, what legacy is that and how will running for President and showing how popular he is “bruise” it? Pure Hillary campaign crap.

Let’s dig in for some laughs …

“They fret that Mr. Biden, as well known for his undisciplined, sometimes self-immolating comments as he is for his charm on the trail, could endanger Mr. Obama’s own legacy by injuring Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy and causing his party to lose control of the White House.”

Let me repeat that laugh line …

(Biden) could endanger Mr. Obama’s own legacy by injuring Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy and causing his party to lose control of the White House.”

REALLY? Here is how to LOSE The White House and have Sleazy Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee.

And who are these unidentified imaginary  “friends” urging Biden not to run??? They come straight from the minds of the Times editor or was it the Times owner who instructed this reporter to write this nonsense.

And it gets better …

“While the concern about Mr. Biden appears widespread among his political allies, few seem eager to tell him out of fear of hurting his feelings and seeming to be presumptuous about a decision that is all too personal.”

That’s right his good friends don’t want to hurt his feelings telling him he should not run because it will damage his legacy but they did tell The Times.

Yes Joe has such wonderful “friends” who just happen to be ‘working’ for Hillary like this secret admirer of Biden …

“People deeply care about him and admire him,” said one person who is personally close to Mr. Biden and has worked closely with him, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to jeopardize his relationship with the vice president. “But you obviously have to worry about the feasibility and ultimate impact of a run.”

You should be lucky enough to have such “friends.”

And here comes Barack Obama according to The Times …

“Mr. Obama, according to those knowledgeable about his sentiments, feels highly protective of his No. 2 and is worried about the effects of a presidential race at a difficult personal time for Mr. Biden.”

I love phrases like ….” according to those knowledgeable about his sentiments.” Isn’t that great journalism on the front page of The Times !

But The Times needs more how about an implied threat for Biden …

“While the sudden attention on Mr. Biden’s plans has reminded Democrats of their fondness for the vice president, it has also called to mind his capacity to misspeak on the campaign trail. Admirers of Mr. Biden who asked not to be identified so that they could speak candidly without upsetting him said that the qualities that the public now sees as endearing — his talkativeness and avuncular approach — might not seem so appealing if he were to become a full-blown candidate. And news organizations are already going back over his long record, calling attention to potentially negative aspects.”

Hillary’s campaign should have been charged exact for that knife attack.

At the very end of this article is this well ‘hidden’ nugget ….

“the talk about Mr. Biden seemed to slightly annoy some of her supporters.”

You think???? RUN JOE RUN. Screw Hillary.

And Obama have the courage to tell him even if you FEAR Hillary.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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