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“Bring Me To Your Leader Obama”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 2, 2015:  It appears the Obamas’ watch quite a few movies with guests invited to The White House to enjoy their super duper Presidential screening room.

Just one more of the burdens of being President opulence.

Anyway, sure to be high on the list of White House features screened soon is the new Ridley Scott – Matt Damon ‘thriller’ “The Martian,” which opens Friday.

This provides me another opportunity to explore with you here on Earth – the madness of the fixation with Mars that has an unfortunate logic to it.

Let me explain an interesting ‘innocent’ (sic) conspiracy highlighted by this film opening along with a curious front page story this week about Mars.

But first what about this creature standing atop of this week’s episode – this Martian? It is Marvin, the Martin a creation of Warner Bros. Loony Tunes. Perfect Looney Tunes! Marvin first appeared in an obscure 1952 movie “The Hasty Hare” as the Commander of Flying Saucer X-2. That is more than enough about Martin the Martian. He serves well here as our very appropriate image for Mars Madness.

Don’t worry; the subject of Obama’s America, Barack himself, will join us and Marvin the Martian later. Rght now I want to deliver you a conspiracy. Yet another conspiracy to defraud the American people – MARS MADNESS.

So what was the story this week?  I can’t believe anyone missed it …


Whoopee … JUMP for joy. WATER on Mars. Salvation for humankind!

Before we get to the insignificance of “water” on Mars … It was not exactly water that was found and in fact nothing was found.

Some scientists who you can be sure are making a very good living shouting MARS here, there, and everywhere were just now examining some 4 year old photos from a Mars orbiter and they noticed some streaks in some of them which they then informed the world again –  FOUR years later – that is important – that through very sophisticated analysis and even inventing new techniques to do so that some salty material in these photos may have briny molecules of water embedded in them. O my God, what a discovery!

So there aren’t even any samples, just photos taken from hundreds of miles above Mars of these salty streaks of rocks. None of the many rovers on the surface which travel the Martian desert endless have ever found any of this “water” but it was still biggest story in the news earlier this week.

What’s the name for this? That’s right – MARS MADNESS!

But hey let’s give these “scientists” a very big benefit of the doubt and say they have discovered extremely salty water molecules buried in rocks that are not suitable for human consumption even if it can be extracted.

What is most important here is the timing. When is the data about these old orbiter photos released purely by coincidence the very week that a very big budget major studio movie about a fictional Mars mission is released?

WOW, can you believe that the very same week that NASA is falling all over itself in giddy exuberance about WATER on Mars along comes a movie that needs to sell a whole lot of tickets to pay for it and then make a big profit for 20th Century Fox and all the others who have piece of the action.

Isn’t it good to know a government agency is colluding with a major Hollywood studio to sell movie tickets for them unless of course you believe the story about “water” on Mars and the release of the movie at the same time was pure coincidence? But there’s a much higher (sic) purpose here …

Combine the story about water on Mars and a very seductive movie about a group of attractive astronauts going to Mars and returning to Erath on some super duper 4 star hotel like space ships can any sane American doubt we are oh so, so close to sending humans especially American to Mars to live and prosper and to have the time of their lives exploring this lush new Eden and far away from all the endless messy troubles here on Earth.

Would we be insane enough not to tell our government keep spending and spending on these Billion $$ space projects to send rovers and all kinds of other things to Mars to prepare the way for Americans to travel to Mars very, very soon and open up this greatest frontier of all time?

Don’t worry; no I have not forgotten about President Obama this week.

First what is this grand journey to Mars? That’s right – MARS MADNESS.

Here is the Reality Check that blows this scam apart.

NO body is going to Mars in your lifetime or your children’s lifetime and when some finally do what they will find it is a monotonous, inhospitable nightmare of  a desert that is endless – after traveling 18 months  in a hell hole of a small space craft. And if they survive the radiation getting there ……

only to live on the surface more likely below the surface in survival mode to withstand the horrendous conditions on Mars and praying every moment to leave for the 18 months ordeal back to Earth while the chances of them arriving on Mars and staying alive there and returning  are slim indeed.

This is the underlying “dream” of humans on Mars that feeds the voracious Mars industry that employs thousands of scientists, engineers and bureaucrats providing  them a  very good paying life safely here on Planet Erath at our expense for a fraudulent pipe dream that has seduced not just America but our entire human society. These guys are good.

NOW finally it is time to bring in President Obama.

Our President supports all this nonsense. His budget funds it and he believes it which is the scariest part. He has the disease of MARS MADNESS.

But is this MARS MADNESS really a problem? Yes it is.

The United States is wasting billions of dollars that could be going to fruitful space projects much closer to Earth that have real value.

In fact, while we waste money and energy on this useless Mars fantasy the great orb so bright in sky almost close enough to touch only 3 days travel time from Earth, our great Moon is ignored when it is on the Moon that the promise of space lies to inspire young American girls and boys about a  REAL career in space where they can build all kinds of colonies that will have priceless value for us here on Earth and make America great again and our entire species able to look in the nighttime sky and see our destiny as intelligent creatures beginning to explore our universe.

Instead we have President Obama who suffers from MARS MADNESS.

Don’t be surprised if the big movie screened at The White House this weekend is “The Martian” and President Obama sits there mesmerized then increases funding for Mars nonsense in his final budget. He should invite Marvin the Martian to join him he is as real as a human mission to Mars.

It has a name – MARS MADNESS.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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