Obama’s America – Episode # 245 – Obama’s Mess

Is This Putin In Obama’s Mind?
Is This Putin In Obama’s Mind?

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 9, 2015: Forgive me …

In the euphoria of the Iran deal and the Cuban deal did I write a few episodes ago that Barack Obama was finally achieving real success as President at the end of his time as Hail to the Chief?
We’ll let’s forget about that since Obama is proving an idiot once again. Specifically this episode proven by Ukraine and Syria – two pathetic places in our so called” modern” world because they both are about the much larger issue of incompetence and stupidity.

I’m not sure I have to explain it; it is so obvious but I will to please you.

Oh, I almost forgot; no I didn’t – there is one more very important player here Vladimir Putin aka President of Russia. He’s back and back again and showing Barack Obama up as an amateur and a “slave” (can I say that ?) to tired old conventional BS “wisdom” what a joke Good vs. Evil.

The Good vs. Evil crap is a Sucker Deal that never gets old. It has such a good purpose. It keeps the military industrial complex booming and the dirty little secret is “progressive” ( sic ) – and get this I never tired of writing this Nobel PEACE Prize fraud Barack Obama.


For a moment, after Iran and Cuba, I wasn’t able to throw that insult in but the Old Barack Obama is back.

The idea that the U.S. and its allies have any claim on morality in either Ukraine or Syria is insane. The idea that Putin and the Russians are the problem is even more insane. Except it is insanity with a purpose.

To keep all of us thinking Obama and his gang are protecting us and making a better world with their so called policies in both Ukraine and Syria.

First Ukraine. It is a horrendous excuse for a real country. It is the playground of a bunch of super wealthy thieves who plunder the country and those who are trapped there assisted by all kinds of armed factions who keep the citizenry in a state of fear. But if you listen to BS artist Barack Obama Ukraine is shining example of a stable nation on the path to prosperity and greatness IF NOT FOR yes the Devil himself Vladimir Putin.

In Obama’s mind Putin barged into this lovely nation and stole an entire part of the country with thugs and guns while the peaceful upstanding Ukrainians and their leaders were forced to accept this abuse.

Putin even had the audacity to protect Russia’s only friendly port near its southern tier that if they lost it would seriously handicap the Russian military. Isn’t it terrible both surrendering Russia’s own interest to the Obama and the Westies and weaken Russia’s influence significantly. Who would do such thing? Only someone Evil; obviously Obama lets us know.

You think all this is silly then call Barack Obama silly it’s the way he thinks. So much for an expensive Ivy League education! It did a whole lot for Obama personally but not much for this mind which is a mess.

Am I doing a bad job of hiding my contempt for Obama this episode? I usually am much better but when it comes to this nonsense about both Ukraine and Syria it is difficult.

Yes, let’s not forget Syria. Ruled over by a butcher who slaughters his own people. So is Barack Obama invading Syria to get rid of him and stop the madness? Thank God he isn’t because it won’t work. It will make matters worse and get lots of American soldiers killed for nothing.

So what is Obama doing yelling and screaming and doing some targeted bombing of ISIS who is also trying to topple the Syrian butcher Assad except they are even worse than he is; yes painfully that is possible!

But low and behold neither Assad or ISIS is now Obama’s main target of scorn that’s right it is Vladimir Putin and the Russians. How dare he come into Syria with attack aircraft and even ground troops to support Russia’s ally Syria? Doesn’t Putin know ONLY the U.S. and its allies are allowed to send attack aircraft and soldiers into the Middle East whenever he pleases?

The difference is clear Obama represents Good and Putin Evil.

It’s that simple.

Sorry I will not waste too such time on this nonsense. This will be a brief we both have better things to do than take Barack Obama seriously in matters like these. Make your choice do you think Obama is an idiot or a calculating manipulator trying to deceive the American people and the world.

Here is the information you need. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin are playing exactly the same game with both Ukraine and Syria. Each is trying to maintain and expand their spheres of influence and power while trying to decrease that of the other. Surprise!

Geopolitical games countries have played since the Beginning of Time. But here is the problem in the here and not and why Obama smells so bad.

The fact is Vladimir Putin is willing to achieve his aims of enhancing his own image and improving Russia’s stature in the world by COOPERATING with Obama, Merkel, Cameron and other very flawed Western “leaders” … but, but, but Obama won’t play that game he much prefers ..

Good vs. Evil. At our expense not his …. And we all lose!