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“Please Come Here Joe!”

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 23, 2015: O, what would we do without Obama’s America?

We’d be in a world of trouble without the Truth.

Don’t fret I’m here for the Long Haul.

Big Anniversary coming up – Episode # 250 …  yes send gifts!!

So what do I have this week? Once again I am diverted from planned topic: “Obama’s Big Drug Problem.” Maybe next week!

But I just could not pass up the nonsense in the Rose Garden on Wednesday.

I sure saw the knife that seems to have been invisible to the rest of the media. Can I prove I am absolutely right since no but no one can prove me wrong? You dear readers get nutritious food for thought; call it brain food to fill you up – not available elsewhere for any price and free here every week.

So here is what I saw watching Joe Biden in The White House Rose Garden this week with his “buddy” President Obama standing silently beside him as he announced he would not run for President.

What I saw and heard was a bizarre understanding with President Obama that what you see is not what you get since I have very healthy skepticism about whatever Obama does. Ok call it contempt if you like; I am being careful here.

I am not absolutely certain but I am pretty sure I saw the knife he put in Joe Biden’s back. The logic for Joe Biden to enter the race for the Presidential nomination was overwhelming. The polls that showed him trailing Clinton and Sanders of course made sense even thought he was not a candidate. To be big on the charts as a non-candidate was the real and impressive issue.

Much more the polls that went deeper with insightful questions showed Joe Biden coming up more favorable than Clinton or Sanders with the electorate. Here is what we do know because fingerprints are everywhere. Clinton and her Brian Trustless were obsessed with a possible Biden campaign. That the two most vicious individuals in American politics, Bill & Hillary would go to any lengths they could to destroy the possibility of a Biden candidacy.

They clearly knew Biden was not as certain as he might have been about running. What more information did they possibly need? All they had to do was use every trick in the political playbook to make Biden doubt running for President he could possibly overtake Hillary. Bill & Hill knew ultimately  Joe’s decision could be only either yes or no which meant even if NO “won” by one millionth of one percent the answer would still be NO all that counts.

Let’s move on to someone who competes favorably for sliminess with the Clintons, David Axelrod, Obama’s political guru going way back in the hell holes of Chicago machine politics. In my book, Axelrod is ready for Halloween every day of the year; he does not need a costume or mask.

Here in this episode of Obama’s America, Axelrod plays a cameo role representing all the so called elite political insiders who feast on the carcasses of the mess they create with the  candidates they elect.

Axelrod today is playing the role for all the talking heads appearing on the TV political talk circuit on CNN and all the others almost never identified as working for Her Majesty-less Hillary Clinton, with a look of complete sincerity on their faces, advising Joe Biden running for President would be a very, very bad idea for him; that all he would do is humiliate himself against Queen Hillary, who was so far ahead even God could not overtake her.

The shit was piling up so deep around Axelrod and the others I was concerned it would break right throw the TVs and flood homes across America. And yes they were all so, so concerned that Biden was emotionally challenged and they worried for him deeply running for President and coming undone.

Then there always are the idiot advisors anyone who merits advisors must endure and they are so easy to fall prey to those who sincerely are on your side but still do you mostly unintentionally harm but harm nonetheless.

The evidence seems very real that rather than all of Biden’s advisors telling him the recent Democratic Presidential debate was a gift from Heaven for him to enter the race it appears many of them discouraged him from getting in the debate “worried” he was not ready.

Not ready for what? Discussing subjects? Biden knew better than anyone on that stage and with a reputation for being an outstanding debater. Instead, he conceded the stage to Clinton who was surrounded by a socialist and three dwarfs. It was impossible for her to lose surrounded by this menagerie.

Listen, I am running late let me now quickly turn to Obama and his knife. Then be done with him this episode. I have no doubt if Obama had been a strong advocate for Joe Biden running Biden would have run. Instead, that Obama was non-committal or worse told Joe: “I don’t know it will be real tough Joe to compete against Hilary; you know I only want the best for you.”

Did you see the knife? I certainly did. Sticking out of Biden’s back.

Barack Obama is scoring very big points with Hillary he will cash in later.

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.

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