Obama’s America – Episode # 248 – Obama’s Legacy – Republicans

Faces Of America’s Future Are Not Democrats!
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Faces Of America’s Future Are Not Democrats!

By Arthur Piccolo

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 30, 2015: You don’t see Hillary or Bill here above do you?.

Why would you? What has the Obama Presidency produced?
Hillary & Bill – (two cons for the price of one), Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, Lincoln Chafee, and the socialist comedian who was never a Democrat, Bernie Sanders. I’m sorry Webb and Chafee have disappeared and the socialist comedian is still hanging around telling jokes.

That leaves us with Bill & Hill. After 8 years of Barack Obama “inspiring” the nation all Democrats have to offer the nation for President are two con artists – Hillary and her husband – otherwise known as the Clinton Dynasty.

As we know from all of human history, there is more to how voters vote than a careful understanding of their policy positions. Indeed many voters who decide elections don’t know much about candidates’ positions at all – they vote on what they might call character or even far vaguer and less precise feelings; or their very well presented compelling and embellished biographies.

Think what you will of their politics, Rubio and Ryan, both have compelling biographies unlike the Clinton’s sleaze.

Paul Ryan being handed the ceremonial gavel by Democratic Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi on Oct. 29, 2015. (Jason Szenes image)

Put yet another way if someone is casting a new TV show about Washington that is going to have appealing looking actors, they far more likely to select Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan not Hillary and Bill Clinton. They would choose the Clintons if they were casting a Washington, DC version of ‘The Walking Dead.’

This is an auspicious day to focus on Paul Ryan. On October 29, 2015,  Ryan became the REPUBLICAN Speaker of the House, the youngest speaker since 1869. That is right; the youngest Speaker in almost 150 years. Why is the Speaker REPUBLICAN again? Because for the last 6 years of the Obama Presidency, Republicans have won the majority of seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.  And there is NO prospect of that changing in 2016.

Which brings us to my other featured figure in this week’s episode – Latino American Marco Rubio from Florida.

I said LATINO American Marco Rubio from FLORIDA; likewise very timely today.

Wednesday night’s  Republican Presidential Debate was WON by Marco Rubio.

Paul Ryan being handed the reins and the gavel by an emotional outgoing Speaker, Republican John Boehner. (Jason Szenes image)

Which also produced the most pathetic Republican candidate – the low life Jeb Bush who Hillary is praying will be the Republican candidate. SORRY HILLARY, Jeb Bush has no chance of being the Republican nominee; his campaign is falling apart and what got Jeb so, so upset and lashing out at  Rubio for nothing last night is that fellow Floridians are switching to Marco Rubio.

You can tell me Paul Ryan will be a lousy Speaker and that Marco Rubio will not be the Republican candidate for President in 2016. In fact you can tell me anything you want especially if you dwell in Fantasy Land.

I am telling you something useful as I always do in every episode of Obama’s America. Paul Ryan is very smart and even more, how he became Speaker, augurs well for him to be able to herd in the Republican Crazies in the House and make the Republican controlled House look very good to many Americans as it does anyway since they won the Majority of seats!

And this little tidbit you will not read anywhere else. It is very unlikely Paul Ryan will want to run for Vice-President again in 2016; but then again he did not want to run for Speaker. If Ryan gets high marks as Speaker and Rubio is the Presidential nominee, a Rubio-Ryan ticket might be AWESOME.

And as always, keep in mind Ryan can also run for his House seat as he did last time and keep the Speakership as well while running with Rubio. Why would Ryan want to be VP for 8 years? BECAUSE he would be only all of 53, after two terms of Rubio and the leading candidate to become President.

This Ticket would not be awesome in heavily Democratic states but who cares about that if you are a Republican running for President? Republicans do not win the Presidency by winning states like Massachusetts or New York or there would never be a Republican President elected.

Republicans win by holding onto their solidly Republican states and picking up some Swing States rather than the Democrats winning them. In the case of a  Rubio-Ryan Ticket, those picking may be sweet indeed; not just Florida but New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, even California !

A Rubio-Ryan Ticket could romp over Hillary Clinton even if she picks  a Latino running mate in desperation. Who cares in these Swing States?

Anyway forget about Ryan running with Rubio if you like. It is not the key issue here. Either way Paul Ryan is going to be very conscious of the positive part he will play keeping the Republican House looking good.

Let me turn my attention to the BIG star here – MARCO RUBIO!


Yes, others are speaking and writing about the rise of Marco Rubio but you are going to get it more emphatically and sooner here in Obama’s America.

Am I recommending you bet your mansion – this is for my wealthy readers – or your private jet on Rubio getting the Republican nomination let alone winning the Presidency?  No, but it is not a bad idea.

If you look at the situation in the Republican Party and in the nation generally as insightfully as I do for you, the conclusion becomes obvious. The Republicans are not stupid enough to nominate the Idiot Trump or his close second Ben Carson. Carly Fiorina is a lightweight who used gender effectively for a short while. How abut Mad Man Ted Cruz? Are you kidding? Likewise Mike Hukabee! Forget the few others not worth mentioning.

For all practical purposes, that leaves Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. And guess what? Bush is very useful here making Marco Rubio look even far better contrasted to boring old Jeb Bush.

It can also be reduced to simple math – especially wealthy powerful Republicans are confident they can win The White House in 2016 IF they have a good enough candidate and it is TIME to rally around one as we near the start of the caucus and primary season.

Well the ONLY candidate who makes this cut is Marco Rubio!

There are many who compare his appeal to Barack Obama’s in 2008. You can just as well add John Kennedy in 1960. These comparisons have nothing to do with policy but everything to do with personal appeal. Candidates who can excite a lot of voters to cast their vote on emotion and identity.

At this level, Marco Rubio is the real deal the biography candidate who can transcend issues and win states Republicans cannot otherwise. Even better for the Republicans and Rubio the CONTRAST to Hillary Clinton.

Hillary did Rubio and the Republicans a priceless favor driving Joe Biden from the race.  Biden’s style, life story and his impressive experience would have overtaken Rubio’s youthfulness in what would have been a close race.

Am I predicting a Rubio landslide victory over Hillary Clinton like Obama’s win over McCain? No just a victory, but it could turn into a landslide.

Yes, I hardly mentioned Obama here in Obama’s America this episode because that is as much attention as Obama merits when discussing the future and worse that Obama did nothing to encourage Joe Biden to run.

Rather choosing to “assist” Hillary Clinton. SHAME on Barack Obama!

 About The Writer: Arthur Piccolo is a professional writer and commentator and often writes about Latin America for New Americas.


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